Why the Bumble app is popular in the world – a dating service where women take the first step

Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps in the world with 100 million users in 2021. Bumble, marketed as a feminist dating app, allows women to take the first step in dating, giving them complete control over what is happening. Bumble s strong growth over the past few years has marked a change in attitudes towards dating and dating, as people began to turn their backs on Tinder s everyday communication culture.

During the pandemic, dating sites and, in particular, modern applications in this area came in handy. The well-known Tinder found a competitor, moreover, in the person of a former employee who stood at its origins. Whitney Wolf Heard is spearheading a new dating project called Bumble. This startup is actively gaining popularity and, quite possibly, in the future will bypass Tinder in leadership.

Bumble dating app idea

Every exciting startup has its own story. Whitney Heard, as a young girl just graduated from university, became part of the team that launched Tinder for the masses. In one podcast, she later talked about how the application went global, starting as a small startup with a small team. This experience became a valuable foundation in the future.

Having conducted analytics on the target audience while working on Tinder, Hurd already knew who would use the new application and what they would need. The Bumble team found out that their main contingent is students. Then the staff organized visits to educational institutions in order to familiarize young people with the application, giving them lessons in flirting and proper romantic courtship.

By the time Bumble began, Tinder was a well-known online dating app. The company offered many updates, including free use. But there was a fly in the ointment in the ointment. Soon, online dating became synonymous with one-night stand, and harassment through the app increased dramatically.

Heard herself filed a lawsuit against Tinder. Subsequently, she said in an interview that she was deeply depressed by what had happened and did not understand where dating on the Internet was heading, why this environment had become so immoral.

The idea of ​​a new startup project was based on different principles of working with the target audience in the field of dating. This project was the Bumble application, investors invested $ 10 million in the startup. The investments were not in vain, thanks to the preparatory work and Hurd s experience, in the first month after its release, more than one hundred thousand users downloaded Bumble.

To date, this application is already used in 150 countries of the World by about 100 million people. These numbers continue to grow every day, as does the company s income.

How the application works

The main difference between Bumble is that the dating initiative comes from the female side. Otherwise, the principle of operation of the application does not differ much from the others. Bumble is basically Tinder for women … but on a timer. Bumble requires women to send a message first, and if a guy doesn t respond within 24 hours, he loses a potential mate.

You need to swipe the avatars of nice people to the right and continue communication in the built-in chat, if the sympathy is mutual. In Bumble, if a woman likes a man, then it is she who can take the initiative to communicate. If she does not want this, then the man will not be able to write to her.

The main purpose of the Whitney Wolf Heard app was to protect women from harassment. From the sad experience of other online dating, it became clear that when males take the initiative, such communication often ends in outright harassment. Some cases even ended with the appeal of the fairer sex to the police. The creators of Bumble decided to learn from other people s mistakes and catch the latest trends in society.

According to the company itself, they want to change the outdated gender roles inherent in patriarchy. The creators of Bumble want to make their online dating platform free of all kinds of discrimination. Their idea should be a harmonious application for creating romantic relationships and communication based on mutual respect and kindness.

Not only about love

With the word dating, that is, if in Russian it means acquaintance, everyone immediately has an image of a romantic meeting of two people who will later meet, perhaps create a family. Bumble differs in this sense from other applications as well. With the help of the new application, you can find not only a soul mate, but also just make warm friendships.

This is relevant in the modern world, because due to the frantic rhythm and lack of time, many people simply lost their friends. Someone has their own family, someone has moved to another city or country, others simply do not have time to communicate. This is where the application will help those who have no one to talk to or spend time with a cup of coffee.

In addition, Bumble affects other areas of human life. For example, you can build a successful career with the Bumble Bizz app. Here you can expand your circle of professional contacts, find new colleagues. In addition to professional communication, in Bumble Bizz you can still find work, improve your skills and find a mentor. The application will also be useful for freelancers who can find new jobs.

If it s free, then where does the app profit from?

Users can meet and chat in Bumble for free. There are special functions that are provided for use for a fee. The prices for these additional functions depend on the country and region of connection. For example, the Spotlight function allows you to raise your rating, that is, the user s profile will be raised in the list by matches and will be one of the first to be seen. Spotlight can only be used for half an hour after the purchase.

The Boost function allows you to use, in addition to the standard search settings, additional parameters, select an unlimited number of favorite profiles, and repeatedly correspond with already known users. Also, thanks to the purchase of this function, you can see a list of all profiles that have expressed sympathy and extend the possibility of answering by mutual choice for another 24 hours. This function can be paid for for a certain period of time or for the entire period of using the application.

Spotlight and Boost can be enabled in all Bumble apps. They work in the dating app, the friend finder and Bumble Bizz.

After the recent IPO, the market valuation of Bumble at the moment is $ 11 billion. The company is increasing revenue every year, according to IT experts, it is successful and promising. Bumble has every chance and opportunity to get ahead of its main rival in the dating field.

Good advertising is the key to success

Bumble is running a successful and highly targeted advertising campaign. There is a Bumble Ambassador program that promotes the product to students and young people. The company works closely with famous people who contribute to its advertising around the world. For example, the Bumble program is supported by the famous tennis player Serena Williams, the Indian actress Priyanka Chopra and the American writer Erin Foster.

In addition, Bumble conducts various activities to build user loyalty and brand advertising. Most of the company s ambassadors are women. They promote the product to girls by talking about their experiences in relationships, business, and friendships.

The application did not become popular in Russia

In our country, girls, for the most part, are not yet used to getting to know each other first and taking the first step themselves. Because of this, the Tinder application is still in the lead in Russia. After conducting analytics on the Russian market, Bumble employees realized that if a woman is not the first to write to a woman, then she will simply stop using the application and, moreover, will not download additional paid functions.

All over the world, projects are being launched where they want to give the palm to women, but our country is not yet ready for this. According to analysts, it will not be possible to successfully launch projects with the Lady First policy in Russia soon.

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