What is “Explosive” PR: 4 formulas for conquering the media

Explosive and classic PR have little in common. Classic PR is viscous and boring compared to Vzryvny. You will be very lucky if the broadcast on TV with your participation lasts at least a minute. There is no need to talk about mentioning the brand within the framework of this broadcast. But with Explosive PR, your brand can become the very basis for the news. How can this be achieved? By directing news.

So, “Explosive” PR is a powerful tool with which you can get a large number of publications in the media in the shortest possible time. Just don’t put news directing on a par with fake news. Once you ve come up with an interesting piece of news, it s not enough to just throw a beautiful story in the media.

If a raccoon has entered a Moscow car dealership in your story, you should have at the ready a video with a raccoon, witnesses to the incident, and a comment from the owner of the car dealership. This is directing: we move from an idea to a script, and from a script to filming. As a result, a wave of publications in the top media.

Below we will analyze several formulas on the basis of which you can direct the news.

Formula “Judgment”

A very simple and effective method. You do not need to understand the intricacies of the legal case and master bureaucratic terms perfectly. It is enough just to clearly state the essence of your claim and take the claim to the nearest court. As soon as a stamp appears on the document that the court has accepted it, you can prepare a press release. The more absurd the outrage is, the more chances of getting into the media s attention are.

If you want to promote yourself, then sue the stars of show business and huge corporations. One way or another, the case will not reach the court, but a ready reason will appear. If you need to promote your brand, then sue yourself. Find a person (among friends or on the freelance exchange) who will sue you for…. Service rendered too well.

For example, this is how the coupon service got its share of fame:

Formula “Scandal on scandal”

It is necessary to understand that the meaning of “Explosive” PR is not to be “white and fluffy” for everyone, but simply to be in the news. To become famous due to a scandal, perhaps, is even easier than through a court. Undoubtedly, this will entail a wave of indignation, but along with fame, haters inevitably appear. The main thing is, without chernukha. Remember Euroset and a number of scandals around it. People laughed with her rather than at her.

Celebrity Formula

Place a celebrity in the epicenter of a scandal, sue her: yes, any idea will be at least doubled if the main role goes to a famous person. The rest already depends on the degree of his fame. About any, even the most insignificant events around celebrities, the media will always write more willingly than about random passers-by. The biggest plus of attracting celebrities is that they know how to stick in front of the cameras, and they can play their part to the end without any problems. Aerobatics is about making the audience empathize with the celebrities.

The main formula of “Explosive” PR: PPTs + DU

PCP is a paradox, an agenda, and a value.

The paradox is when your product is placed in circumstances in which it should not be. Let s say you sell guitar cases. Guitar cases are obviously bought by guitarists. So let s send them to astronauts. This will be a paradox.

The agenda is actually written as it is heard. Take your paradox – guitar cases in space – and tie it to current events in the country or in the world. What are they talking about the most now? Yeah, that s why let s fill our guitar cases with medical masks.

Value is your finest hour. Hear this fanfare? They are for you. It is you (personally or on behalf of the brand) who are so worried about the astronauts that you decided to provide them with medical masks. Once they return to earth, they don t have to worry about how to keep themselves and their family safe. This is indicated not only by your corporate logo on each case, but also by the corresponding post in your official social networks.

As a rule, the PPV formula is sufficient to launch an Explosive PR-action. But there is amplification that can help you assert yourself even louder.

D is action. It seemed to you not enough just to tell about your intention in social networks, so you write an official appeal to Roscosmos and are outraged: they say, why do we, ordinary people, worry about the health of astronauts, but you, a state corporation, do not? The letter must be taken to the Roscosmos building and stamped that it has been accepted for consideration.

Yu is humor. This whole story can initially be presented as a kind of farce. I understand that no guitar cases with medical masks will fly into space. You understand that too. Roscosmos understands this. And your audience understands this. However, in this way you show your concern and nod to social issues.

So, when you come up with an idea for a news story, ask yourself, “What s the paradox? How to tie it to the agenda? Is our value clear here? ” It may be difficult at first, but you will quickly learn. Make it a rule to work out ideas according to the formula PPTs + DU, and you yourself will be surprised how easy it is to blow up the media space with news of your own production.


At the heart of “Explosive” PR is an idea. Try to immediately turn the idea into a news headline, and then put yourself in the journalist s shoes. Interview yourself on his behalf. Try to answer all the tricky questions.

Well, how is it? Have a headline? Have you applied the PPV formula? No gaps left? So you can start a PR machine.

And let there be more good news!

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