Toothpick maker in Japan launches sticks to push buttons amid fight against coronavirus

special wooden sticks for pressing buttons in elevators

A Japanese manufacturer of toothpicks in Osaka Prefecture has released a new product to help people reduce the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus by contact with surfaces – these are special wooden sticks for pressing buttons in elevators and other public places.

The new product is being marketed as a “non-contact stick from a toothpick manufacturer.” The product, developed by Kikusui Sangyo, uses recycled wood from Hokkaido, which is difficult to process for other purposes after being exposed to moisture during production.

The wooden sticks bear the slogan “come on, push as much as you like” and come with an extra container for storing disposable sticks after use. One set contains about 120 sticks, each of which is about 7.5 centimeters long.

Wooden sticks for pushing buttons in elevators and other public places

Chopsticks retail for 568 yen ($ 5.30) excluding local taxes. The price is specifically one unit higher than the 567, which is corona in Japanese, meaning people will not lose from the pneumonia-causing virus.

Akie Suenobu, managing director of a toothpick company based in Kawachinagano, Japan, shared how she came up with the idea for a new product. After she saw the residents of Wuhan using toothpicks to press the elevator buttons.

She thought that toothpicks are not that strong and not so convenient for pressing buttons, you need to create special durable sticks for this purpose. Wuhan is a central Chinese city where the coronavirus was first detected last December.

Special wooden sticks for pressing buttons in elevators are produced by a Japanese company for the production of toothpicks

“I want to send a message that even a small urban factory in Japan, badly affected by the new coronavirus, can create an original idea and product to help fight the virus,” she said. Original sticks can be purchased from Amazon and other major online stores.

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