Surprise cannot be disappointed: what content to do in 2020 on Instagram to increase activity on the page

Content trends on Instagram change not even quarterly, but literally monthly. Especially if you follow the market leaders and major bloggers. Yesterday, useful online marathons were a great way to promote, today they no longer give such an effect as circular giveaways and MK. But we have collected 6 ideas for commercial and blogging accounts that already work great on Instagram and will be relevant for a couple of months.

Idea 1. Development of a project in real time

This is a great way to boost your expertise, increase your personal brand awareness, and make your subscribers more loyal. The point is for the blogger to show all the stages (or at least the key stages) of the development of the project within the framework of his expertise from scratch to the first results. What could it be:

  • Launching a commodity business. For example, a blogger already has several commodity businesses and is planning to launch another one. You can show all processes in stories – from choosing a niche and preparing social media templates to after-sales actions. It is advisable to demonstrate numbers and comment on what the entrepreneur blogger himself is doing and what he delegates. It is also important to make daily plans for the day and small reports. After this, you can safely sell an online training course on working with dropshippers, franchising, conducting a commodity business, etc.

  • Launch of a project in limited conditions, which subscribers can repeat themselves. For example, a blogger is fond of photography and has run out of photo content, but needs to post something. And so he creates a photo studio at home or even without it trying to make gorgeous shots without losing quality. The props are a table, a chair, a glass of water, windows, rays of the sun, a white wall and other things that everyone has. This way you can very steeply raise the level of confidence in yourself as a specialist and expert in photography.
  • Launching a project without preparation. That is, the blogger has an idea and he does not prepare for the launch for a couple of days, does not involve the team, but creates everything himself. The only thing – he says that he should think about the concept and the specific essence of the project. And then he does everything himself. This is very interesting to watch and I don t want to unsubscribe.

Idea 2. Show the wrong side of blogging, certain processes

And now we are not talking about complaints and posts, stories like “it’s so difficult for us”, “this is the same full-fledged profession, like a doctor,” “we should not listen to negativity in our direction.” We are talking about chips that help in promotion, increase in reach, earnings.

You can apply it like this:

  • Share a few secrets from the inner workings of blogging in stories. This will make subscribers more loyal, since such a blogger tells what they do not understand, seems like a secret. It also creates more trust, and it is easier for such people to sell online a product on the topic of blogging later. It is important to tell with examples – to name the technique and show how bloggers implement it.
  • Show how the sales or give stage is being implemented. For subscribers, this is an opportunity to understand for themselves whether they would like to work with bloggers or even become bloggers. For the latter, this is a chance to speak out. It works cool when a blogger shares a sales funnel and shows all its stages – warm-up, trigger part, order processing, trigger part again, customer reviews, etc.

  • Demonstrate how content is created. For example, a draft text is a stream of thoughts, then, like a blogger, “cleans” it, turns it into a good post, then edits and publishes it again.

Idea 3. More explicit and educational videos on IGTV

By candid videos, we mean honest but helpful stories. People from Instagram do not want to go to YouTube, and the site itself sometimes cuts the reach for adding a link to the YouTube channel. Therefore, it is better to try to post useful videos directly to the social network. About what?

A few ideas:

  • The path from the beginning of development to the current results with detailed stories about each stage. It is advisable to dwell not on the negative and what did not work out, but on the positive and the benefits.
  • The process of creating something. For example, social media templates from scratch, writing texts, animations using techniques from motion design. These videos often go viral and sticky.
  • Personal stories. This works great if the topic is about a blog. Cool if the story is honest and shocking (like past domestic violence).
  • Vines. Yes, yes, this is still in trend. If the video is really filmed with high quality, then the page with vines can be promoted with little or no investment due to the viral effect.

Idea 4. Talk more about socially important topics

Today it is difficult for people to distinguish fake news from real, to understand how to do it and how not to do it. The global mission of bloggers and commercial accounts is to help figure this out. But before that, it is important to conduct research, study the sources of information, otherwise disinformation can turn into a loss of trust.

Socially important topics include domestic violence, home childbirth, self-medication, conscious consumption, the environment, etc. And it is important not only to speak, but also to show by example that your favorite blogger or insta store adheres to what he is talking about.

Idea 5. Sticky videos, motion design, animation

Still, video content is gaining momentum, so we are talking about it again. Sometimes it is enough to revive the familiar templates of social networks that you constantly use, sometimes – to make a whole stop-motion with a plot and story. But what is important is the idea, the interesting idea, and not just a cool implementation. When paired with helpful or humorous text, a post like this will garner great coverage.

Idea 6. Show honesty

During the quarantine period, this method especially saves a small business from death. Of course, everyone understands that the economy is in a bad state, everyone has a difficult period. But people do not always know how they can help and influence the improvement of the situation. So some brands are already asking them for financial support. At cinemas, this is a request to buy online certificates, which can then be exchanged for cinema tickets. From coffee shops – buy stocks of coffee beans and equipment for making coffee. From masters of manicure and nail salons – please purchase gel polish removers. People understand everything and try to help their favorite brands whenever possible. But don t abuse it.

In general, of course, as always, in addition to the above, all trash content is in fashion. But if a brand plans to work for its reputation, develop and stay in the market for many years, then this is not the strategy that needs to be chosen.

We hope our ideas will help you find new and effective tools for promotion, establishing contact with the audience.

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