Sports in quarantine: how fitness clubs work during self-isolation

Self-isolation is a terrible word that has been circulating in our environment and in the media for at least two weeks. After reading the next news, the mood falls, I want to lie like a seal watching the series.

“Stop!” – brands and bloggers shout to us on the net. “Self-isolation is not a reason to lead a less active lifestyle.” They actively encourage people to go in for sports.

We (the agency “Interium”) decided to review how fitness clubs, after closing, retain the old and attract a new audience, and, in general, how to go in for sports on self-isolation.

Fitness clubs

Fitness giants and small fitness studios switched to online training in their social media accounts at the end of March. They provide large discounts on club cards during the period of self-isolation, organize marathons, challenges, and arrange daily online classes.

Fitness club chain ALEXFITNESS (@alexfitness_official)

ALEXFITNESS launches online classes in its account (description in posts, announcements of the upcoming lesson in Stories, training tips), online marathons, ALEX-UNO flash mob, reposts of subscribers stories with the hashtag #fitnesspart of my life in honor of the 15th anniversary of ALEXFITNESS.

X-Fit fitness club chain (@xfitofficial)

The company s fitness cafe offers a 30% discount until April 30. Accounts host live broadcasts: lectures on fitness topics. Additional incentives for purchasing 10 blocks of online classes (personal training). Providing fitness equipment for rent. There are also daily online broadcasts of group workouts on the fitness club s YouTube channel.

Online stretching and fitness studio SMSTRETCHING (@smstretching)

The studio is now working online. The stories actively advertise the ONLINE CLASS course on home workouts. Stream starts every Monday.

Live streaming: barre, functional, stretching and cardio with SM Stretching trainers.

Classes are also published on the YouTube channel: video lessons on stretching, twine, strength training.

Worldclass fitness club chain (@worldclassclubs)

The popular fitness club chain has also moved to online classes.

Worldclass organizes workouts on Instagram and YouTube channel. The schedule is updated every day: announcement in Stories, full schedule (with transcript) in posts.

Personal advice from professionals on training, nutrition, motivation.

Also Worldclass, in partnership with Sberbank, Okko, and Moskomsport, launched the #FitnessProtivirus program. This is an online training project for everyone. The program covers all areas of modern fitness – from yoga, Pilates and functional training to dance classes and exercises for people over the age of 60.

PRO TRENER studio (@protrenerstudio)

The studio actively conducts online classes and even created its own telegram bot to help you achieve your fitness goals. The account constantly publishes workouts, useful life hacks, tips, as well as announcements of classes in ZOOM.

What about dancing?

We dance at home, for example, with the Dance Academy (@danceacademyru).

In the account, you can see the daily schedule of online training, and in the posts, announcements of live broadcasts.

Fitness bloggers

Fitness bloggers are no stranger to working online, now they have a great chance to increase loyalty and the number of subscribers. They are actively launching paid and free courses, giving checklists on nutrition and exercise, doing projects and marathons with other bloggers.

Alexandra Mitroshina (@alexandramitroshina)

The page contains a lot of information about trainings, announcements are broadcast in stories.

From your account you can go to the blogger s website, where you can get information for free: webinars, track lists, as well as sign up for a paid Hardcore course.

Alexander Krupnov (@krupnov_ifbbpro)

Since the end of March, the blogger has been publishing video content “Set of Home Workout Exercises”, and in Stories, funny videos of morning workout outdoors.

Denis Gusev (@denisgusev_com)

Lives daily with workouts. Launches new sports categories:

“Friends, I don’t want to be bored in quarantine and I won’t let you. I decided to open a heading: “Training with a star!” Every day, live on Instagram, I will do a workout at home without any equipment, along with sports and business stars. Soon you will see training with world champion @dmitryyashankin, with UFC fighter @ alexeyoleynik1, with world champion @katrin_shok, with !! 4x Mr. Fitness Olympia !! @oksanagrishina and many others. “

Daria Brygina (@bryginada)

Three times a week, a Nike trainer conducts a 45-minute workout. She recently held one of them together with blogger Alexandra Zharkova. Girls not only give useful exercises, but also charge with positive. All live broadcasts are saved on Daria s page.

Sophia Soldatova (@

Sophia posts information about the stretching course on her page.

Conducts general trainings with an invited guest in the format of live broadcasts.

In video posts, she shows stretching / strength exercises.

In the new conditions, everyone has to adapt. Fitness clubs launch online platforms, master new formats and directions. Bloggers actively develop new training programs, come up with interesting content, do joint projects with other bloggers.

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