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How to record and edit a podcast on a budget: life hacks and personal experience

Podcasts are a cool tool for anyone looking to reach out to a wide variety of audiences. The format has already been mastered by individual enthusiasts, various media and brands. Some people are even slowly monetizing this activity: they collect donations from listeners, advertise in episodes, and make native episodes for companies. The beauty is…

Airbnb has announced a competition for the most creative, unusual guest house

Service for searching and renting housing Airbnb announced a competition for house designs – “the most unusual that you can think of.” Residents of more than two dozen countries, including Russia, can participate in the competition, according to the rules of the competition. Projects must be creative, actionable, sustainable and socially beneficial. The jury will…

Surprise cannot be disappointed: what content to do in 2020 on Instagram to increase activity on the page

Content trends on Instagram change not even quarterly, but literally monthly. Especially if you follow the market leaders and major bloggers. Yesterday, useful online marathons were a great way to promote, today they no longer give such an effect as circular giveaways and MK. But we have collected 6 ideas for commercial and blogging accounts…

15 reasons to use Instagram for business

Instagram has a huge audience that can be turned into your customers. In the article, we will figure out which business can be effectively promoted through Instagram, and which tools to use. Today, Instagram is not only a full-fledged trading platform, but also a lot of opportunities for business development. Every self-respecting company has been…