How to write about your establishment: analysis of mistakes and successful options

Want to communicate convincingly about your company? We will teach.

The correct description helps to form the image you want in the eyes of the consumer, encourages buying and increases the credibility of the company. To convince a client to come to you with a text about the organization, you should follow several rules for creating a description text:

Council number 1. Don t write long or short

The optimal length for a company description is two to three paragraphs. One paragraph contains 200-300 characters. Long text is difficult for readers to perceive, information from such texts is more difficult to remember. Too short a description does not give a full picture of the company and does not stimulate the ordering of services.

On the screen, we have highlighted a text that does not carry a semantic load and is perceived by readers as “water”. If you remove it or minimize it, the text will be easier to read and its content will be more remembered by the client.

Council number 2. Divide text into logical paragraphs

Divide the description into paragraphs to make it easier for the target audience to read, place the necessary accents and make the text attractive on any gadget. Each thought is a new paragraph. For example, in the first paragraph, you talk about the uniqueness and specifics of the company s activities. In the second, you describe the services. In the third, you describe the key advantages of the company.

The text will be better read if you break it into paragraphs in the places indicated on the screen below.

Council number 3. Don t use advertising clichés

The absence of formulaic phrases helps the reader to feel your sincerity and shortens the distance between you, which will reduce the risk of overestimated expectations to a minimum. Examples of such expressions for the beauty industry: a wide range of services, high quality service, will give a good mood, specialists will do their best. Can be replaced by: hardware and laser rejuvenation; specialists trained in Europe, quiet and comfortable reception, selection of test procedures.

Can be replaced with:

  • We help you lose weight quickly, safely and according to an individual program.
  • Specialists with higher medical education work here.
  • We use the following techniques: …
  • Advice. Where to post company descriptions? Fill in Google “name of the company reviews” and the names of your services, having previously noted the geo-location. See which aggregator sites are in the top. This is where you direct all your efforts. Very few people go beyond the first search page. Working with sites from the top, you influence almost all potential customers who are looking for information about your company on the Internet.

    Council number 4. Know how to sell your benefits

    It is worth declaring the advantages of your company right away so that your customers know your strengths from the first offer. We recommend highlighting one or two features that will sell you to your target audience. The right benefits are unique (no other company offers), meet customer needs, and do not change in the marketplace. For example, if your dentistry specializes in the manufacture of high-quality implants, then write about it. This way you will attract clients, and when they come to the clinic, they will find out that you are doing great with commonplace fillings. Other important advantages: free first consultation, long-term warranty service, discount for X number of visits, discount card, convenient location.

    A good example of highlighting your advantages, but with one remark – you need to write about them at the beginning of the text.

    That s better:

    So perfect:

    Council number 5. Encourage to contact you

    End the text with a unique selling proposition (USP). In one or two phrases, tell your customers why you are better than other companies. An example of a USP for a fitness center: “Each client gets a free consultation with a nutritionist”, for a medical clinic: “We treat teeth under a microscope” (for pioneers in using this method), for pediatric dentistry “We treat teeth without pain and tears”, for a cafe “ There is a 1 + 1 promotion for all menus on weekdays.

    How to write the perfect company description

  • Don t write long or short. Keep within 500-1000 characters.
  • Break your text into logical paragraphs. The maximum number is 3-4. One thought – one paragraph.
  • For enumerations with more than two items, use lists.
  • Remove advertising clichés and abstract phrases from the text: highly qualified specialists, we will take care of you …, we will do everything to …, great experience.
  • Be as specific as possible: use numbers, achievements.
  • Adapt your text to match your brand tone. Use characteristic words, length of sentences, humor (if applicable).
  • Talk about what is important to the client: how your product or service can help him. Describe only those aspects of the business that are interesting to your target audience.
  • Tell us about your USP: one or two sentences. It will look most advantageous at the beginning or end of the text.
  • If in doubt that you can write good text, contact a copywriter. A short selling description will cost you about 1-3 thousand rubles.


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