How to make money with English: instructions for use

Knowledge of the English language perfectly opens up opportunities for earnings and career growth – an expert in English tells and shares his experience. The coronavirus crisis has shown that, in reality, office stability is nothing more than a myth, and you can be left without work and your usual income at any time. However, even in the most difficult times, companies hold on to certain employees to the last. We are talking about those who are not only fluent in their profession, but also have additional skills. For example, knowledge of English.

English teacher and author of the popular blog Svetlana Senko shared with us her personal experience of how to earn more thanks to her knowledge of English.

Svetlana Senko

Svetlana received her higher education in two European countries (Czech Republic and Germany). She also holds an international Tesol certificate, which allows her to teach a foreign language in any country in the world. Svetlana told us that benefits await not only those who work in offices. Freelancing also offers more perspectives to people who are fluent in the language.

“After returning from Europe, where I lived for about 5 years, to Russia in 2019, I learned what it is like when you are paid two or even three times less for the same set of tasks at work. I was surprised that a diploma from a foreign university is not a guarantee of the preservation of European salaries, and employment in a prestigious Russian company is possible if you start from a position lower than I held before.

The level of remuneration offered by employers did not suit me. Therefore, I quickly made the decision to move to the “home office” and start earning remotely. Moreover, my international Tefl Tesol certificate allows me to teach almost anywhere in the world, and besides, I already had experience of working for myself.

For a year of remote work, I managed to reach the same amount that I earned in the European office – 150-200 thousand rubles a month. Despite the fact that I did not have to master a new profession, I monetize my marketing competencies and knowledge of the English language.

I will share proven ways, how, thanks to the knowledge of English, to receive the same amount or more:

Tutoring and private lessons

Of course, in order to teach English, you need an intermediate level or higher. However, it is not only English teachers who will be able to increase their income thanks to their knowledge of the language.

Proficiency in the language, even at a basic level, allows you to significantly expand the geography of customer search and earn money in dollars for teachers of mathematics, physics, public speaking, playing musical instruments and almost any other specialty online.

Freelance exchanges

Unlike Russian exchanges, the average rate per hour of work on American sites starts at $ 35 per hour. And if this amount does not seem serious to an American, for Russians 2,500 rubles for 60 minutes of work is a very good salary. You can consistently receive this money for writing texts, editing or translating from Russian into English and vice versa, independently choosing the complexity of the project.

There are orders on the American stock exchanges both for those who speak the language at the intermediate level and for more competent specialists. The amount of earnings depends on the competence and the number of orders, but on average you can earn about two thousand euros.

I share my favorite services with which you can make money remotely:

Upwork is a global job search platform with an auction system. Your working time is calculated by the software, based on these calculations, the employer makes payment.
Fiverr is a service that collaborates with users from all over the world, entirely in English. You can withdraw payment to PayPal online wallet or by bank transaction.
Proz is an online community and workplace for professional linguists. Creates a platform for transparent and open working relationships.

Foreign education and professional development

It is a well-known fact that the West is a trendsetter. The main medical sources of information, the latest market research, the most widely read financial publications – they all appear in the English language first. Therefore, for those professionals who need to be aware of trends, share experience with foreign colleagues and be among the first to go through new training programs, knowledge of English is a must. And a raise and salary increase are pleasant bonuses for leading professionals in any company.

It is especially important to get the latest information for those who plan to make money on their own expertise. Because knowledge of the language will not only allow you to quickly receive the latest information about your personal brand and the launches of your information products, but also not be limited to the Russian-speaking audience by blogging.

For example, 4 years ago, I heard most of what producers and those who teach creating information products give now at master classes by Tony Robbins and experts invited to his programs.

Opportunity to work in a foreign company

2020 showed that up to half of office workers can work remotely while maintaining the same salary level. Especially if these are companies offering marketing, consulting, accounting or it services. It took one of my students only six months to learn the language enough to get a job as an IT specialist in a German firm.

If you know English, you can find work in almost any country in the world and move there. Or, if your specialization allows, work remotely for a foreign company.

As you can see, there are many more ways to earn money for those who speak the language than for those who, for some reason, have not yet studied English. By the way, I often heard from my acquaintances that they did not dare to start learning English for a long time, as it seemed that a lot of time was wasted and it is almost impossible to learn a second language for an adult. And it will take a couple of years to wait for the first results.

I hasten to please those who were inspired by new opportunities. The first results will be noticeable almost immediately after the start of training. And the real experience of my students has shown that in six months you can confidently ask for a promotion or find a job in a foreign company.

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