How to increase your Instagram Stories coverage by 34% – yes, it’s real. Case + 5 mechanic

Stories are known to be a very important component of a brand. They drive promotion, increase audience loyalty, and have potential monetization value. We, the Bloome team, over the past month, in total (in 3 projects) were able to increase our coverage by 34%. This happened due to the fact that we found one effective mechanic and took everything we could from it. You may find it too simple, but simple doesn t mean bad.

At Bloome, we always try to follow the specificity of the sites, so we can say with confidence that now high views in the instoris are guaranteed by easy, but retentional polls that involve the audience.

Based on the peculiarities of the algorithms of the insta itself and our own experience, we derived a couple of very important factors for creating stories with a high rate of views:

  • there should be a lot of stories (you should make a “package” of stories conventionally for 14+ stories);
  • Stories should be simple, but call to action (polls, quizzes, slider are your true friends);
  • if you need to place an ad or post announcement – the best place is somewhere between 7 and 8 stories – then the announcement will receive “package” coverage, not the coverage of the last story. (+ the announcement should not be put at the very beginning, the first story, since many subscribers can leave at this stage);
  • to deepen the interaction with the post, it is better to overlay popular tracks on the stories – tiktok to help (many subscribers may not flip through your stories and watch them all for 15 seconds because of the song).

And now we invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of the ways that we at Bloome used to keep and captivate the audience in the story.

Let s start?

Guessing stories

Guessing stories are a great opportunity to increase views in stories. Their essence is that subscribers can scroll back and forth several times in an attempt to understand why their answer is correct / incorrect, which gives a higher view of stories. They re also pretty easy to make. Here are some cool types of guessing stories that we use in our projects:

This kind of feed is not only incredibly engaging, but also increases the percentage of views. Especially if you publish 10/15 of these stories.

Find Fake

Since the fake is usually not obvious, the subscriber needs time to look closely (for this they delay the story). And sometimes even after they see the correct answer, there are no fewer questions, so subscribers are scrolling back and forth again. It looks simple, but 100% engaging.

❗ We prefer to use photos of celebrities and bloggers that our target audience loves. For your target audience, opinion leaders can be different.


A couple of ideas on how to revive banal polls. Get inspired and take note!

The bright backing under the sticker encourages you to make a choice ?

❗️ Advertising in Stories is also an important part for both a personal account and a brand. If you have your own account, you need to be able to make creative stories, and if you have your own brand, you need to know which creatives will bring you the most success.

For everyone who has a small or medium business, we want to make a unique offer. We will be happy to come up with creatives for you, which you can already implement in your accounts. To do this, just email us TG: @hannablu

This or that

The next one is a very good way, which is very easy to do. And the result will be reflected in views.

You can also compare any films / objects relevant to your target audience on a bright substrate. And if you back up the package with a popular track that will play all 14 stories, then many subscribers can view the entire stories (for the sake of the song). This is how retention increases ?

Useful content

These stories have high reach because the user first votes, and then moves on to the next story and pauses to read. In this way, you can convey to your audience more useful / important things for the brand.

Let s summarize

  • Polls now is the best way to increase your story coverage ст
  • There and back again. Offer the user a package of stories where he will scroll back and forth several times in an attempt to understand why his answer is correct / incorrect, this will give a higher coverage.
  • Design also tends to involve! Focus on the sticker, use bright backgrounds ?
  • Steal attention… Let the subscriber find differences or read.

I hope you were inspired by the ideas we presented ❤️ and you will present to your subscribers at least a couple of them ?

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