How to get extra traffic with good photos

Attracting traffic is a question that is always relevant for companies developing their business, and even more so in times of crisis, which caught local businesses by surprise. And if at the initial stages it is not difficult to select the tools, then over time it becomes more difficult to attract traffic.

We will tell you how to attract the attention of users with the help of photos – which strategies should be used and which should not. Why it is important to know what users see on different resources, and how this affects the company s reputation and conversions. Using my advice in practice, you will increase your traffic by at least 5-10%.

Why it is important to reinforce content with pictures

The use of visual content is a huge, not yet fully appreciated resource that a business can use for promotion purposes. Image search reached 25% in 2019, according to Google. Conclusion – image promotion can be used to attract a potential target audience to the site from search engines.

The image also improves the display of the page on mobile devices. Since 2019, Google has prioritized mobile content over regular content when indexing pages. And viewing images optimizes the mobile page. It is more convenient for people to read text separated by pictures than solid text.

What photos are worth uploading

Many SEOs believe that a bad picture is better than no picture. And they are wrong, because with the help of a bad image, you can not only alienate the user, but also negatively set up in relation to the brand or company.

The requirements that the photo must meet are as follows:

  • size – the optimal ratio between image quality and page loading speed;
  • the relevance of the text and the adjacent picture;
  • uniqueness;
  • the presence of the name and description of the depicted.

Size is a criterion that does not have any impact on search results. However, it should be borne in mind that the larger the photo size, the longer the page will load. And according to Google statistics, users leave the page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
Therefore, the task before the optimizer is to find the optimal balance between page size and image quality.

There is no single recipe for all resources – the download speed depends on the features of the CMS, the current load on the server and other factors, so in each case the optimal image size will be different.

To check the page loading speed and optimize the photo, there are special online services, which I advise you to use.

Important! Using photo optimization, you can not only generate traffic, but also improve website usability and page loading speed.

Using a picture for the sake of a picture that does not correspond to either the direction of the business or the text placed next to it is the worst of the options, which, nevertheless, is found in the environment of small and medium-sized businesses. An irrelevant photo can damage a company s reputation. It makes the user feel that it is not serious. The best option is to use unique photographs of a real business. Ideally, you want the picture to illustrate the text content.

The use of alt and title for visual content is neglected by many marketers.

Meta tags serve important functions:

  • alt reflects the description of the image when it didn t load,
  • title gives the user additional information to read the image that appears when the mouse hovers over it.

Both of these attributes are useful from the point of view of both search engines and users – they should not be neglected.

Analysis of photography – what is good, what is bad

Grabbing the user s attention is a task that most images can handle easily. However, it also happens that the quality of the photo negates the good intentions for improvement. Yandex and Google know how to evaluate photos by such a criterion as aestheticism. Save your pictures in the format you want without losing quality and detail.

Here s an example of using an irrelevant photo. This picture is posted on the website of a travel company, in an article regarding the application of visas to the United States. The user can interpret it as he pleases – as an invitation to rest, tours to the islands, air tickets. Obviously, the number of target audience that will follow the link hoping to apply for a visa to the United States without reading the text will be minimal.

And below in the text is a good and clear example of using a picture corresponding to the title of the text content “How to book plane tickets online”.

The file name is an important criterion in the ranking algorithm for search engines. A bad option is a set of letters or numbers that says nothing about what is shown in the picture. For example, the names “1.jpg” or “IMG_630.png” will lower the page in the search results. Good option for the below photo “hotel_ Preciados_in_Madrid.jpg”.

Copyright or how to avoid sanctions

Search engine sanctions are a problem faced by online businesses. Web optimizers know the requirements that lead to hitting search engine filters for text, but they often skip them in relation to visual content. But because of this, the site may lose more than one position in the search results, or even the page may not be indexed at all – search engines are able to find copies of images.

If the optimizer decides to place a copy of the image on its page, ignoring copyright, the copyright holder can complain about their violation by filing an appeal with the search engine support. The legislation of some countries makes it possible to bring an offender to court for theft of intellectual property.

In order not to put the resource at risk, it is better to turn to trusted repositories, photo banks and stocks – they store millions of images on different topics. You can choose an image for almost any type of business, even a unique one. Google engineer Matt Cutts argues that buying images from photo banks does not lower the resource s position in natural search results, because the search engine pays attention to the quality and value of content in general.

This solution will save you from the risks of getting sanctioned and increase the attractiveness of the page in the eyes of search engines. It is also important to make sure that the photos you post cannot be construed as promoting violence, drugs, weapons or pornography. There are frequent cases when the image of operations advertising the work of a plastic surgery clinic was regarded by the search engine as pornography. If you find yourself in such a situation, and the content of the site does not violate the law, there are two options for solving the problem – either replace it with another one, or conduct long disputes with technical support, defending the right to place it.

Where do you need to upload photo content

Many web optimizers are sure that it is worth working with photo content only on the pages of the official website. This misconception has negatively affected the reputation of many companies – you cannot be “clean and well-groomed” only at home, and go to “visit” in a sloppy state. If a business cares about its reputation, then any place where it is presented should reflect its high level and professionalism, including through the use of high-quality and relevant photo content.

If you care about what impression you make on your potential customers, in addition to the official website, you should upload high-quality photos:

  • in social networks;
  • on maps;
  • on aggregator sites (like, yell and others);

You do not have your own website, you do not attract users from social networks, but you will still get to the TOP of the search results – do customers come to you who find a company on the Internet? Sounds like a fairy tale? No, this is the reality of those who are registered on aggregator sites that occupy the highest positions in the search results for local queries. And an important role is played not only by the relevance of information about the company, but also the photos posted on the aggregator sites – this is a business showcase, which gives the first impression.

For example, compare how a user sees two beauty photo salons registered on the website.

Where do you want to go? The question is rhetorical.

Make sure that the aggregators reflect up-to-date information. For example, if an interior renovation is made in a beauty salon and the building has changed its appearance, and an old photo is still hanging on the aggregator, it is obvious that potential customers will pass by and end up with competitors.

Or maybe you have a new service? Or did you receive a new award in the competition? Have you recruited a highly qualified specialist to work?

Or do you operate online during a pandemic or have you introduced new services? Do not forget to tell your potential clients about this – you can be sure that they will see and appreciate the activity and constant movement forward. And they will be rewarded with trust.

The situation is similar with regard to social networks – check the quality, relevance and relevance of the photo content posted there. Track not only yourself, but also successful competitors – this will help you develop a strategy for promoting your business on the Internet and will have a positive effect not only on traffic growth, but also on sales. Make this skill a habit.


Thoughtful and purposeful work with photo content is a task for every company promoted on the Internet, which is aimed at perspective and development. With the help of high-quality, relevant and relevant photos, you can not only get additional traffic, but also increase the number of regular customers, increase brand awareness. Use this tool skillfully and professionally – stay on top of the online promotion trend in 2020.

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