How to generate new ideas

We will not consider storage, transfer, protection, extraction of information in this article, we will leave it for the user to learn independently. Let s touch on the overabundance.

An overabundance of information

Get rid of all popular social networks, this is a dump of information in which cats and fake news are posted, something sensible rarely comes across. If you can t live without them, go there once a week or a month. Have a list of what you need to do now.

First, protect yourself with a reinforced concrete barrier from second-rate bloggers, from the same news sites and YouTubers. They do nothing, but only copy those who generate new ideas themselves.


Then you will need paper, pencil and free time alone. You have to turn off your phone and start thinking for yourself. Immerse yourself in creating a new idea or modernize an existing one, write, draw. If you feel bad, you walk right. Depression will be your close friend for this period. It takes me three days to create ideas that no one else has done.

Since you are attached to social networks and will think: “how are my cats, my favorite bloggers, and what if someone wrote to me?”, It will take more time. After all, you are wasting your “thinking” energy on cats and idols.

Stop wasting energy.

It often happens that you come up with an idea, go to the Internet and start looking, and it already exists. Start over. Depression again – passed out, write, draw, think.

Be your own master

Do not create an idol for yourself at all, even when watching top-notch uncles and aunts. Studying their ideas, commenting on their posts, you waste your energy, thereby strengthening their ideas. “Oh, what a fine fellow he is, he did this and that” – well, who is stopping you from doing it your own way? He decided to do what he needs, and you are wasting time looking for ideas on the Internet.

If you want to generate new ideas – your own, disconnect from the network and broadcasters. You have your own brain, you are your own master.

When you look for a guru for yourself, you declare to the world that you are helpless. You say: “World, I am weak and weak, therefore I need a teacher.” In other words, you are waiting for someone to think for you and tell you what to do. Stop doing this persimmon. You are your own teacher, your own creator.


You came up with an idea that does not exist, and you consider it special, you believe in it. Now the collection of information begins, now you can study everything related to your idea. Now you can watch the instructions “How to do it” in relation to your brilliant idea. And here you can already hire a coach or search for information on the net.

If you have implemented part of the idea and are at a dead end, go back to the beginning of the instructions. The less you absorb other people s ideas, the more you will have of your own. You will turn from a consumer to a generator. Well, remember about the quality of the received information channel.


  • Choose the information channel carefully, it can be distorted and of poor quality, and you can be suspicious and sentimental. You will inflate this story so that it really will come true.
  • Immerse yourself completely in creating a new idea. Go to the forest or the mountains, if need be. The main thing is not to take mobile devices with you.
  • Be your own master, stop studying others, study yourself. Pay attention to your thoughts, how do you think and what do you think about?
  • Realize your brilliant idea.
  • I know for sure that most will not follow this instruction and I don t care.

    Then why am I writing this instruction if I know the end result: you cannot live without cats and without a guru. It s simple, while you are reading another instruction from an unfamiliar “guru”, I am trying to tame Google and Yandex search robots in order to promote my idea.

    We keep in touch.

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