Examples of headlines that will attract readers. Infographics

Do you want your texts to bring more readers and subscribers? Then you need to place baits – headlines that arouse curiosity and emotions.

Modern users don t read, they skim the page for something interesting.

Today, it is especially important to be able to stop the gaze and generate a desire to learn more. Headers do this successfully. In most cases, click-through rate, number of views and engagement depend on them.

If it takes you a long time to write headlines, and still not come up with anything interesting, use the cheat sheet. Here are some of the most effective techniques:

  • numbers;
  • comparisons;
  • how / what / where;
  • manuals.

71 ideas for headlines and posts. Infographics

71 ideas for headlines and posts. Infographics

1. Numbers

  • Both [#] easy steps (How to create a content plan in 6 easy steps)
  • [#] _____ trends on [год] (20 graphic design trends for 2020)
  • [#] _____ Everyone Should Know _____ (10 Targeted Advertising Rules Everyone Should Know)
  • [#] _____ that motivate you (6 brand success stories that motivate you)
  • [#] _____ We Love (14 Chrome Extensions We Love)
  • [#] questions to ask before _____ (5 questions to ask before launching a PPC ad)
  • [#] _____ secrets (25 storytelling secrets)
  • [#] resources / tools to help you become _____ (10 tools to help you become the best blogger in the industry)
  • [#] signs that you _____ (5 signs that you are ready to start your own business)
  • [#] ways to make sure your _____ isn t _____ (7 ways to make sure your crowd marketing doesn t look like spam)
  • [#] _____ ways without _____ (5 ways to get energized without coffee)
  • [#] useful tips from _____ to _____ (8 useful tips from an entrepreneur to grow your sales)
  • [#] _____ proven life hacks for _____ (10 proven marketing life hacks for business growth)
  • [#] tips for busy _____ (5 tips for busy copywriters)
  • [#] most popular ways to _____ (9 most popular ways to overcome laziness)
  • [#] bad ways _____ (5 bad ways to make money)
  • [#] reasons why you still haven t become _____ (6 reasons why you still haven t become a millionaire)
  • [#] _____ examples for inspiration (35 headline examples for inspiration)
  • [#] Key Benefits of _____ (10 Key Benefits of Content Marketing)
  • [#] Important facts about _____ (7 important facts about virtual reality)
  • [#] habits _____ (5 habits of successful businessmen)
  • [#] rules for _____ (7 rules for beginner targeting experts)
  • [#] points for _____: checklist (10 points for building a personal brand: checklist)
  • [#] facts you don t want to know about _____ (7 things you don t want to know about PPC advertising)
  • [#] _____ Facts That Will Impress Your Friends (8 Influencer Marketing Facts That Will Impress Your Friends)
  • [#] stunning photos _____ (40 stunning sunset photos)
  • [#] awesome _____ videos (29 awesome cat videos)
  • [#] awesome _____ infographics (13 awesome SMM infographics)
  • [#] Facts You Need to Know About _____ (5 Facts You Need to Know About Online Professions)
  • [#] Unexpected Uses for _____ (6 Unexpected Uses for Personal Branding)
  • [#] Simple Tests Every Marketer Must Pass (9 Simple Tests Every Marketer Must Pass)
  • [#] tips for choosing ideal _____ (18 tips for choosing ideal contractors)
  • [#] best YouTube videos about _____ (5 best YouTube videos about psychology in marketing)

2. Comparison

  • _____ or _____: which suits you best? (SMM or SEO: which is right for you?)
  • _____ or _____: Which option should you choose? (IE or LLC: which option to choose?)
  • Why _____ is better than _____ (Why influencer marketing is better than advertising)

3. How / What / Where

  • How to completely change _____ (How to completely change the approach to promotion)
  • How to create _____ and get _____ (How to create an online store and get your first profit)
  • How to use _____ to stand out (How to use calls to action to stand out)
  • How to get rid of _____ (How to get rid of the habit of procrastination)
  • How To Know What _____ Will Benefit (How To Know What Content Will Benefit Your Business)
  • How to _____ in just a couple of hours (How to understand WordPress in just a couple of hours)
  • How to add more _____ to your _____ (How to add more interactivity to your content strategy)
  • How to become an outcast in the world _____ (How to become an outcast in the marketing world)
  • How to start controlling _____ (How to start controlling all processes within the company)
  • How _____ can inspire you to _____ (How social media can inspire you to create viral content)
  • How _____ made me _____ (How user comments made me change my promotion strategy)
  • How _____ Can Save Your _____ (How Analytics Can Save Your Business)
  • How _____ can be your secret weapon in _____ (How content marketing can be your secret weapon in promoting services)
  • How successful _____ avoid common mistakes (How successful influencers avoid common mistakes)
  • What no one will tell you about _____ (What no one will tell you about video marketing)
  • How to deal with _____ (How to deal with a rise in bounce rate)
  • Where to find _____ (Where to find the perfect copywriter)
  • What Wikipedia won t tell you about _____ (What Wikipedia won t tell you about VKontakte)
  • Why are not all _____ the same (Why not all PR people are the same)

4. Guides

  • The Complete Guide to _____ (The Complete Guide to AR Marketing)
  • Beginner s Guide: _____ (Beginner s Guide: Launching Ads in Stories)
  • Detailed Guide to _____ for Pros (Detailed Guide to Email Marketing for Pros)
  • The Ultimate Guide: _____ (The Ultimate Guide: How To Improve Your Online Reputation)
  • Where to start _____ (How to start promoting an online store)
  • Instructions for use: _____ (Instructions for use: content marketing for B2B businesses)
  • Little Known Ways _____ (Little Known Ways to Conquer Instagram)
  • The Fast Way _____ (The Fast Way to Attract 100 First Subscribers)

5. Miscellaneous

  • For successful _____, you only need these tools / resources (For successful SEO, you only need these tools)
  • An expert interview on _____ (An expert interview on the role of social media in business)
  • Cheat Sheet for _____ (Cheat Sheet for Facebook Ads Size)
  • Think you know everything about _____? Try to answer these questions (Think you know everything about Instagram? Try to answer these questions)
  • A New Approach to _____ (A New Approach to Working with Native Ads)
  • Amazing _____ Secrets (Amazing Business Secrets)
  • The main secret of all _____ (The main secret of all millionaires)

The techniques collected in the infographics are timeless classics. Use these templates when creating your headlines to get more subscribers and clicks. More recommendations in the detailed guide.

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