Content Marketing Trends for 2020: Statistics and Expert Opinion

There is a lot of content on the web, more than users have time to consume. Partly because it is created by both independent authors and media and brands. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C companies include content marketing in their strategies. Their competitors, who have not yet mastered this promotion method, plan to rectify the situation in the near future. This means that there will be more content.

Back in 2017, creating high-quality and useful materials was enough to attract attention, today it is much more difficult to break through. You need to do not just good, but best of all, experiment with formats and prepare for paid promotion of the results of your efforts. Experts and the results of global research will tell you what trends to focus on when developing a content marketing strategy for 2020.

Content Marketing Statistics

To begin with, I will give an interesting statistics: what formats and platforms are chosen by brands, what works for them now and where the main resources will be directed in the coming year.

  • 66% of companies blog on social media.
  • 51% of B2B brands create primarily visual content.
  • The goal of content marketing for most companies is to increase awareness.
  • 3/4 of bloggers who earn at least $ 50,000 per year create content for a niche audience.
  • 60% of marketers reuse content two to five times.
  • 51% of companies that are active in content marketing create content every day.
  • Stock photos and infographics are the two types of visual content brands use the most.
  • On average, blog posts contain 1,151 words.
  • Webinars, demos and social media videos are the most popular video formats companies create.
  • Using video helps businesses grow revenue 49% faster than non-video colleagues.
  • In 2019, 17% of marketers plan to incorporate podcasts into their content marketing strategy.
  • The most popular podcast genres are comedy, news, and educational content.

Content Marketing Trends 2020

Now let s figure out what changes to expect and what approaches to test for promotion through content in the new decade.

1. Interactive

Most often, the content does not require any action from the user, the maximum is to click on a button with a call to action. Passive consumption is not remembered, however unique the content may be. It is important that the information you provide becomes part of the user experience, he contributes to it. Interactivity will help you stand out in 2020 and engage your audience well.

Irina Shvets, Brand Manager at Siteclinic SEO Agency:

“We live in an era of total gamification, and therefore interactive content will drive. This happens because the Internet is oversaturated, people read kilometers of selling text per day, why should they react to yours? Moreover, Gen Z is entering the market, accustomed to the benefits of usability.

Interactive content simplifies everything and speeds up conversions. It makes no sense to calculate the cost of materials from the price tables, if you can get it by turning the sliders on the “calculator”. He also uses emotions in the selection process, and the person is more likely to choose a service that is given to him as a “suitable” test. Moreover, such content often becomes viral – people are happy to share it, significantly increasing your reach. For example, from the news feed, you can create a quiz, at the end of which you will praise the user for the result and give a discount. Even the media are now leaning towards native advertising in the form of interactive, because it is really more effective and does not cause such a negative reaction as direct advertising. But you need to use such content with care so that it is not only entertaining (although it can also be useful), but also brings results in the form of conversions to their creators. In the right hands, interactive content can work wonders. ”

2. Sincerity

Social media professionals, sales managers and content marketers talk about sincerity in promotion. A new generation of users is growing up, who have managed to learn all the tricks that their parents fell for. In the new decade, the winners will be companies that will not be afraid to reveal all their cards and will be able to build sincere and trusting relationships with consumers.

Maria Selyumina, Head of Marketing at GeekBrains Educational Portal:

“In my opinion, the main trend of content marketing in 2020 is sincerity, honesty. The user will no longer be lured by a loud headline and a bright banner. In the new year, talk to the user in simple language, talk about the benefits of the product on social networks and show real people who have already used it. Be sincere – and then people will believe in the product and become your regular customers. ”

3. Video

The format has an impact on all areas: SEO – sites with video are 54 times more likely to get on the first page of Google search results than resources without video; content marketing – video attracts 300% more traffic; sales – 50% of consumers look for product videos before going to the store; even email marketing – including a video in an email increases the number of conversions by 300%.

Statistics hint – the video will become even larger, in social networks, on websites, in online stores, in blogs and mailings. Perhaps there will be new tools that will allow you to create videos with a minimal budget. At the same time, it will be more difficult for companies that do not dare to introduce the new format.

4. Style

The official style of communication is a universal solution that has become quite boring. In order for the message to be remembered, it must have a zest – the author s unique style, manner of presentation, even brand words. In 2020, more and more brands will put their doubts aside and start communicating with users in their language as friends, not faceless consumers. Memes, jokes, jargon come into play. It will be interesting.

Nikolay Rizvanov, internet marketer and specialist in launching online courses:

“It s simple: be close to people, speak an understandable language. Without unnecessary officialdom and falsehood.

Before you write something, ask yourself – would I be interested in reading this myself? Does it stand out from a thousand news feed posts?

Here are some recommendations for making posts interesting to the audience in 2020 and forcing the user to follow you:

  • Replace the official style with a conversational one (count up, you can even speak in slang and you will be more interesting).
  • Communication with subscribers “on you”.
  • Get confused about social media packaging.
  • Before you sit down to write, think about what your audience would be interested in reading. What answers to find out, what to discuss.
  • Be human and show your human qualities.
  • Bother with the content. “
  • 5. User Content

    Your content can be infinitely perfect, but what s the point if it s untrustworthy. And they cause it, surprisingly, blurry photos on a smartphone, comments with errors and amateur videos. This is because they are created by the same users who share their personal unbiased experience. And if Apple s and CK s examples haven t inspired you to use more user-generated content yet, it s worth changing your mind in 2020. Giveaways, for example, on Instagram or Facebook, will help to quickly collect UGC.

    Masha Eliseeva, head of the SMM department at the digital agency AGM Group and the online marketing department at the retail chain of stores:

    “Every December statistics of one adult portal with video is published. The industry has always been dynamic in terms of trends and innovation. I will not go into reflections on this topic, but I will say that a lot is asked from there.

    According to 2019, the most requested content is content made by amateurs. So, in digital and content, there is already a tendency and demand for natural, real, living content. Visually, photos taken with the phone, without processing, retouching, or any interference at all, will be in high esteem, the video will be the same.

    From the point of view of texts, stories written in simple everyday language using one or another slang (it all depends on the target audience) will find a response. We are leaving the world with ideal forms in something and we want to see from brands involvement, that we are all different in life, real, with our own flaws. The more we understand this and broadcast it to the right audience, the higher its loyalty will be. “

    6. Value

    An obvious fact that is still being forgotten. Content for content s sake doesn t work. Any blog post, video or graphics should offer value and / or evoke emotion.

    Elena Solovieva – Director of External Marketing, Tandem Group Advertising Agency:

    “Content marketing for advertising agencies is, first of all, another source of targeted leads and a tool for building long-term relationships with a client. Therefore, the trend for 2020 remains the same as before – the benefit to the reader.

    You don t have to create content just for the sake of content – to fill the airwaves. And without this, this broadcast is “crammed” in our news feed with you, what we read: whether it be social networks, channels or the media.

    To stand out and keep the reader in an endless stream of information, be helpful to the person you are writing to. Take care of him. Let your answer to the question to yourself be the tuning fork for your material: “How likely would I read this article if I got caught in my feed, among others?” ”.

    7. Social networks

    In the new decade, the role of social networks will continue to grow: people come here not only for communication. Popular venues have evolved into learning centers, hobby clubs, online shopping and gaming platforms. Users can get whatever they want without leaving VKontakte or Instagram. In response to the trend, marketers are deploying full-fledged blogs and content marketing based on social media.

    Ekaterina Safronova, SMM manager of the educational portal GeekBrains:

    “Now that users are oversaturated with information, those who generate useful and high-quality content will win. Social networks are no longer just a platform for communication. People come here to learn and read, among other things. But at the same time, do not forget that, first of all, people want to have fun in social networks, so there will be more and more interactivity and gamification. “

    8. Augmented reality

    Thanks to smartphones, augmented reality is available to most users. For content marketers, technology opens up a new field for creative solutions. AR can be used to create interactive social media masks, provide detailed product insights when scanning packaging, add gamification to the experience, and even implement a full online fitting. The solution will allow you to tell fascinating stories in the most modern format.

    Creating content with augmented reality elements will require additional investment, but the result will make the brand stand out from the competition.

    9. Infographics

    Every year users get tired of reading more and more – it is easier for them to perceive information in small portions and in an attractive design. Moreover, we are talking not only about complex data, but also about the most common texts.

    Tekhkhi Polonskaya, general director of the marketing agency “Brusnika”:

    “One of the important trends of the outgoing year is infographics. There is more and more information. It is getting more and more difficult to navigate in it. At the same time, life requires everyone to be more effective.

    This trend is gradually changing the communication environment, changing the “language” in which we communicate. So far, there are very few infographic specialists in Russia; it takes a large operational human resource (and the corresponding skills) to translate text into symbols. It s already easier to render. But this trend will develop, simplify, and technologies and tools will surely appear to digitize content in this way in symbols, pictures, videos. “

    10. Voice

    Try to count all the voice assistants that are available today in Russia and in the world: Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Alice, Marusya, Oleg. It s easy to lose count. In the West, the demand for voice search has been flourishing for several years, and we are also starting to gain momentum.

    In 2020, content will continue to adapt to changes in user habits – it will become more conversational and conversational, accessible for searching through voice input. That, in turn, will help assistants “wiser” faster.

    A new decade of content marketing is on the way, and it s going to be authentic, interactive and even more visual. Technology will push us to experiment with formats, and users will become co-authors. We look forward to changes and are preparing to meet them fully armed. Read about internet marketing trends here.


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