Business content ideas for all stages of the funnel. Infographics

Gone are the days when it was possible to attract the attention of business buyers with just one product. Today s marketers need content to satisfy their audience s need for information and social approval.

But don t forget the sales funnel. Each stage has its own content:

  • Top Sector: B2B content marketing will increase business awareness. Easily tell potential customers about your proposal, help them understand the problem and immediately offer a solution.
  • Mid-Range: Content will help engage users, develop relationships, and build trust.
  • Bottom Sector: At this most critical stage, content should nudge B2B buyers to take action.
  • What content formats will help guide the user through all the stages to make a purchase, we will tell you in the infographic.

    The B2B content marketing funnel guide to creating and optimizing

    B2B content marketing funnel: a guide to creating and optimizing

    Content marketing generates 3x more leads than outbound marketing. It is also 62% cheaper. However, to see results, you need to properly build your B2B content marketing funnel. This guide will help you create or optimize it.

    The basics of creating a funnel for B2B content marketing


    Engage your audience with content on topics that are relevant to your industry. Create content to increase awareness and drive traffic.


  • Industry news and trends.
  • Detailed guides.
  • Problem solving options.
  • Reviews of the capabilities of your product / service.
  • What formats to choose:

    • Blog Posts / Articles
    • Infographics
    • Social media posts
    • Video
    • E-books / guides
    • Guest publications


    Help potential customers learn more about your business, products and / or services. Create content that builds trust and emphasizes your reliability.


  • Reviews of the benefits of the product for the user.
  • Content that will help you find the best solution to a specific problem.
  • Comparison with competitors, lists of pros and cons.
  • What formats to choose:

    • Cases
    • White papers
    • Templates
    • Checklists
    • Retargeting
    • Podcasts
    • Email
    • Guides
    • Video
    • Webinars


    Convince the prospect that making a purchase is the best solution. Create content that will highlight your value proposition and help close the deal.


  • Materials to help users understand what to buy from you is the best solution.
  • Information that emphasizes that your offer is what they want.
  • Evidence that other clients have benefited from working with you.
  • What formats to choose:

    • Demo versions
    • Cases
    • Reviews
    • Consulting
    • Events

    How to optimize your B2B content marketing funnel

    1. Create content for your audience, not for yourself

    90% of the most successful B2B content marketers focus on the information needs of the audience. Create detailed and valuable content, not ads.

    2. Segment your audience and create a funnel for each person

    Publish valuable content for the needs of each person. 77% of the most successful B2B content marketers use audience portraits in their work. Identify the unique “pains” and information needs of each person.

    3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the created funnel in terms of traffic and conversions

    Use UTM links to identify effective content formats and channels. Analyze social media and website data with built-in tools. Collect customer and employee feedback on the effectiveness of approaches. Identify the stages of the funnel that are challenging for users and optimize them.

    Business content is an effective promotion tool, but only in capable hands. Plan your strategy carefully, create quality content, and analyze the results. The funnel will help you correctly distribute efforts and choose the right channels.


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