Kirkeby Resources has been leading sales coaching and sales workshop initiatives for organizations across the United States for 15 years. The company’s unique perspective and expertise includes an ability to assess both organizational and individual sales needs prior to recommending a particular course of action.

Our Sales Coaching is a comprehensive program for smaller companies with 1-6 salespeople. Through years of field-testing and continuous refinement, this on site one-on-one sales coaching methodology is a proven program to produce a positive ROI for your salespeople. The Sales Management Certification program provides sales management professionals the tools and techniques they need to function as a Coach, to Motivate, Monitor, and Train their sales teams to create the highest level of performance possible.

Kirkeby Resources also offers workshops on several topics. These can be customized or combined to be presented in various venues. Whether it is your weekly sales meeting or a half-day or full-day workshop setting, we tailor these highly interactive workshops for maximum positive impact. We employ a unique approach, based on behavior modification. We teach salespeople subtle, complex skills by explaining and demonstrating them in “real world” terms.

Our success has been built upon the success of our clients, and we work hard up front to ensure that our efforts produce a win/win/win outcome for you and your sales team as well as for us.

Kirkeby Resources was recently awarded the Best of Business Award by the Small Business Commerce Association. Click the image above for details


David Kirkeby has over 30 years of professional sales experience. In addition to achieving the highest levels of sales production, David has been involved in virtually all levels of sales management, from Sales Manager, Branch Manager, Regional Director, VP Sales; Marketing, to VP Business Development.

As Founder of three successful companies, he has been leading sales training and coaching efforts for clients across the United States for the last 15 years. He is a trainer, coach, and speaker, with an outstanding track record of success working with sales professionals, management teams, and entrepreneurial business owners.

David’s passion is to increase revenues and profit margins for client companies, and of course to increase incomes for salespeople. 


Our work focuses on helping sales professionals at all levels “sell more, in less time, and have more fun doing it.” To partner with them to see that they are motivated to make emotional and intellectual commitments to sales goals, are recognized and rewarded for achievement, and have opportunities for continuous learning and career enrichment.

In addition to adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, we strive to transfer knowledge, skills, techniques, and enhanced behaviors in the course of our relationship with our clients. As subject experts, facilitators and coaches, we provide added value to clients focused on increasing sales as well as gross profits.