A wearable “shield” against coronavirus has been designed in China

Chinese architect and founder of the Penda design bureau Sun Dion came up with a protective screen, which, according to the idea, should protect its wearer from the COVID-19 coronavirus. Suit Be a Batman (“Be Batman”) is a backpack that unfolds and wraps a person in a kind of cocoon that prevents the penetration of infection.

According to Dion, the costume design was inspired by the wings of a bat as well as childhood superhero dreams. It is worn like a backpack, with shoulder straps and straps fastened around the waist.

The design of Be a Batman assumes the presence of sewn elements that can heat up to 56 DEG Celsius and, upon contact, kill any infection transmitted by airborne droplets.

It is also envisaged that the screen itself is made of lightweight carbon fiber.

Once the COVID-19 threat is over, Dion says, the backpack suit could be enhanced with other technologies. A variant with a camera and a display is being considered, which shows information that is visible only to the carrier.

So far, development is at the concept stage, writes Business Insider. According to Dion, he is now looking for a company that would agree to manufacture the suit.

In January, startup Ao Air showed a transparent mask to protect against dirty air. The innovative Atmos Faceware respirator, say its creators, not only saves the respiratory system from harmful impurities, but is also positioned as a fashion accessory that can be purchased for $ 350.

In comparison, the N95-certified NIOSH respirator retails for about $ 15.

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