8 original business ideas developed in the COVID-19 era

Experts and businessmen define any crisis as the best time for startups, new ideas and launching a business that solves the problem of the current crisis. Business magazine B-MAG.RU continues a series of reviews – business ideas in the era of COVID-19… Today we present to you eight interesting business ideas created by entrepreneurs and designers during this difficult time for the world.

Consider 8 business ideas developed in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic

1. UV sanitizer and Lexon Oblio wireless charger

We use smartphones every day to stay in touch, but it s worth remembering that due to regular use, a large number of microbes accumulate on the surface of phones. A wireless charger and ultraviolet sanitizer in one Lexon Oblio device will help protect phones from germs.

Lexon Oblio Sanitizer & Wireless Charger

The device looks like a small vase that holds a telephone. This is a QI standard wireless charger. The LED indicator on the device shows the phone s charge level without removing it from the charger.

In turn, the ultraviolet rays of the sanitizer destroy 99.9% of bacteria and germs from the surface of the phone, protecting smartphone users.

2. The autonomous robot sanitizer UVRoboclean kills 99.9% of bacteria

Most people try to keep their homes clean and hygienic, which is why disinfectants have become an integral part of our lives. Unsurprisingly, there is a new device on the market, the UVRoboclean robot sanitizer.

Robot sanitizer UVRoboclean

It works on any surface and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and pathogens. The sensors of the device do not allow it to fall, so you can safely leave it to work unattended.

UVRoboclean can also be simply brought to various surfaces for decontamination. Such a device will ensure the cleanliness of not only your home, office, but also a number of other places.

3. The concept of a removable partition in the aircraft cabin to protect against infection

In the era of social distancing, French engineer, Florian Bargeot, developed a concept called PlanBay, a removable partition that can be easily installed to provide greater hygiene. Baffle side panels reduce the risk of infection spread and the overhead airflow is directed directly at the person, creating a “protective bubble”.

“PlanBay”, removable partition for aircraft passengers

The idea of ​​”PlanBay” is to prevent the spread of infections from one person to another in the cabin of the aircraft, without the obligatory observance of a distance of 1 meter. This distance is difficult to maintain in an economy class cabin, even given the free middle seat, Barjo said.

And although the solution is a good one, the partition cannot be installed between the emergency exit seats. It is a temporary measure during a pandemic and a period of return to normalcy.

4. Factory Design has developed a special partition for aircraft cabins.

In connection with the coronavirus, many airlines need to redesign their aircraft cabin to ensure the safety of passengers during social distancing. One company, Factory Design, can be noted for its revolutionary and simple solution to a problem.

The company recently released a special airplane partition. With the help of such a device, the middle seat reliably separates adjacent seats on the plane, preserving the personal space of passengers. The partition can be easily moved, and if desired, passengers traveling together can sit with each other.

Special protective partition for aircraft cabins

The ease of installation and affordability will help bring this idea to life for airlines to protect their passengers.

5. Stylish face shield by designer Joe Doucet

If earlier, personal protective equipment (PPE) was used by almost only health workers, then due to the outbreak of COVID-19, now almost everyone uses protective masks. The protective screen-mask from designer Joe Doucet is characterized by practicality and style, it is suitable for wearing in the modern world, taking into account all trends.

Stylish face shield by Joe Doucet

The mask features a minimal design and integrated sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays. This mask looks more stylish than other options on the market.

The concept mask shield is not only a stylish means of protection, but also protects its users from pathogens every day.

6. The LIZ UV bottle destroys all bacteria

Noerden, a French brand that has combined Shanghai technology and Parisian style, recently launched the LIZ project on Indiegogo. LIZ is a water bottle that uses ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. This disinfection protects the contents of the bottle from germs and odors.

To turn on the disinfection function, you need to lightly tap twice on the bottle cap. The ultraviolet rays will kill bacteria in the contents of the bottle or disinfect the inside when the contents are empty. By tapping twice on the lid, you can see the temperature of the drink.

LIZ UV bottle

In addition, LIZ is ideal for people who want to increase the amount of water they drink. Every two hours the bottle flashes to remind you to take a sip.

The silicone coating will prevent the bottle from slipping out of the hand, and the sensor built into the lid will warn if the bottle is not closed properly. The bottle itself is quite light, so it is convenient to carry it with you.

7. Cab from CLeanTech with a built-in device for measuring body temperature

CLeanTech is the first device of its kind to use BioEm technology for air disinfection and purification. This ensures a high level of disinfection of exhibition, conference and event premises.

Before attending an event, visitors pass through a booth where clothes and personal items are quickly disinfected. There is also a temperature measuring device in the cab, and the doors automatically open if the temperature readings are normal.

CLeanTech cab

To protect their lives and the lives of those around them, people are advised to adhere to the rules of hygiene. And after breaking out of isolation, new decontamination devices may become the norm. Probably, such devices will be located at the entrances of airports, at the entrance of various events with a large area and other places of large crowds.

8. Protective art mask from Plastique Fantastique

A face shield that looks like a helmet can now be purchased. It was named “iSphere” and the idea for its creation belongs to the art group Plastique Fantastique, based in Berlin. “Science comics of the 1950s” and films of the “utopian character of the 1960s” pushed the designers to create such an unusual mask.

The instructions for the protective mask can be found in the public domain. This is done so that anyone can protect themselves from COVID-19. Anyone can “download, make and change the mask for themselves.”

Art mask by Plastique Fantastique in a utopian style

Plastique Fantastique launched its amazing project when the German authorities ordered everyone to use personal protective equipment that covers their nose and mouth in public transport. These guidelines came into effect on April 27th.

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