6 remote options to survive in Russia without a job

How to survive in Russia: an overview of the situation in 2020 in the answer / question format + analysis of 6 options for remote part-time work for everyone + 7 saving rules for surviving at a living wage in the Russian Federation + TOP-6 saving tips for pensioners.

The new year 2020 did not bring anything good to the Russians, and this is regrettable. Unemployment is growing, the ruble is depreciating, a pandemic is coming – can you think of a worse situation?

At the present time, it is cynical to talk about promising methods of earning money, it is much more important to preserve the health of the nation, and to do this without money will be oh, how difficult it is.

In today s article, we will conduct a brief overview of the economic situation in the country + tell you how to survive in Russia without a job during the crisis for ordinary citizens and elderly people.

The situation in Russia in 2020: a brief overview in a question / answer format

Experts predict 2020 to be one of the most difficult stages in the life of Russians. Let s look at the standard figures – a drop in the price of Russian-made oil by 65%, an increase in the dollar exchange rate by 13% / euro by 14% + a collapse of the MICEX index by 23%, and the RTS index by 33%.

The presented data make it clear where our state is heading, and even though the results are not yet tangible due to the inertia of economic processes, the situation will not change for the better in the near future.

The well-known economists of the Russian Federation N. Ryabinin (head of the KRK Group), Natalya Milchakova (deputy head of Alpari) and Lyubov Shvets (adviser to the head of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on economic issues) acted as experts in further answers. What exactly is being predicted for our country, let s figure it out together.

Analysis of the situation in question / answer format:

  • Who will suffer the most?

    The treasury has a reserve of funds to pay off obligations to social strata, that is, the poor can breathe freely for now. The main blow will be on people with an average income level. An increase in wages is not worth expecting, and due to a decrease in demand for goods / services, the commercial component of the business will decline.

  • What will happen to bank depositors?

    The Central Bank filtered and revoked licenses from banking institutions with a problematic status. There should be no massive bankruptcies. Even last year, some of the institutions increased the requirements for borrowers, which will allow them to stay afloat for at least a couple of years.

  • Should we expect an increase in unemployment?

    Yes. The stoppage of processes due to quarantine severely affects the business aimed at entertainment, food, tourism and others. If this situation persists for a long time, individual entrepreneurs will simply go bankrupt, as a consequence of the emergence of such a threat – unscheduled cuts and reductions in wages. We are generally silent about unpaid vacations.

  • What are the forecasts for the rate of economic decline?

    Brookings is forecasting a 7% -8% drop from the previous year. Other experts are more optimistic – the GDP will simply go to zero. Although this indicator also cannot be called positive for the economy of any state.

  • Will new money be printed?

    The machine is turned on in the presence of debt obligations and the absence of reserves, but so far it has not come to this. And it’s better not to resort to this at all, because our country already has a sad experience in this direction.

  • The problems can be partially solved by improvements in the economy due to structural changes, such as support for small businesses + a general improvement in the investment climate. Yes, it will be unrealistically difficult to do this, but this is the role of the government – to do everything for the sake of saving the Russian Federation.

    Important: the words of the experts may differ, but the conclusion is the same for all – hard times await Russia. If you do not want to go hungry and live on minimum wages from paycheck to paycheck, you should think about a financial cushion right now.

    Next, we will look at the safe for 2020 methods of part-time jobs in a remote form. For most of the methods, there are no long introductory procedures – making real money here and now.

    How to survive in Russia without a job in times of crisis: recommendations, ideas and advice

    We finish with the horror stories in theory and move on to real working out methods for solving the financial issue for the poor. Due to recent events, the middle class also should not bypass the material below, because absolutely all family members can help in solving financial inconsistencies in the family budget. Further, we will provide working ideas + recommendations and tips for survival in the Russian Federation with a minimum amount of money in your pocket.

    1) TOP-6 options for online earnings + 7 saving rules, or how to survive in a crisis in Russia?

    Why online you ask? Watch the news bulletins and the situation will become clear on its own. At the present time, it is important not only to earn money, but also to maintain health, and the world has not yet come up with a better way to combine 2 in one, in addition to remote work.

    Option number 1. Converting a hobby into a livelihood


    Simplicity★★★★ (4.0 out of 5.0)Overall attractiveness
    Profitability★★★★ (4.0 out of 5.0)
    Convenience★★★★ (4.0 out of 5.0)

    Yes, not every person has a hobby that can bring money, and not every person has a hobby at all. Let s abstract now and remember what exactly we do well. Is it hard to remember? Then check out the ideas in the table below.

    (out of 5 ★)
    NeedleworkThe first thing that comes to mind of an ordinary citizen. The direction consists of many areas of activity – embroidery, knitting, toys, burning, soap making, home cosmetics and so on. To debug production, you only need your skills and a little perseverance. The demand for copyrighted works on the web is consistently high.★★★★★
    PC toysMore for the younger generation and students on vacation. Esports in 2020 is not just a discipline for entertainment, but one of the options for making money online.★★
    InstallationMore for the younger generation and students on vacation. Esports in 2020 is not just a discipline for entertainment, but one of the options for making money online.
    Realize your creative endeavors. The direction is in high demand among bloggers and young companies.
    SMMFilling sites with pictures, funny memes and posts. The work will go to the younger generation.★★★★
    BlogShare interesting stories and make money on advertising.★★★
    Cookingshare recipes on social networks, YouTube or specialized sites. The topic is always in trend.★★★

    You know how to do something else + you know how to make money on it through the network – for God s sake. Share your ideas in the comments. Our readers will be very grateful! The issue of hobby monetization was always in mind of many, but people can really turn to its solution right now. So go for it!

    How to open a mini bakery?

    Option number 2. Simple online tasks


    Simplicity★★★★★ (5.0 out of 5.0)Overall attractiveness
    Profitability★★★ (3.0 out of 5.0)
    Convenience★★★★ (4.0 out of 5.0)

    A job that will appeal to everyone – from schoolchildren to pensioners. The bottom line is the execution of primitive tasks through the global network from marketing agencies. It sounds scary, but in fact it s just clicking on advertising links. The profitability depends on 3 factors – the time to work, the number of used boxes and the use of the referral program. The last point is able to increase the cash flow 3-5 times from the initial one.

    Algorithm for making money on simple tasks:

  • Creation of an account within the framework of the used project.
  • Registration of 2-3 popular electronic wallets (Webmoney, QIWI and Yandex Money) with subsequent linking to your personal account.
  • Parsing the service interface and getting started.
  • Collecting the minimum wage and withdrawing money to a bank card or payment system, the wallet of which was registered earlier.
  • The direction cannot be considered a full substitute for offline work or remote work. The main categories of the population that can use earnings on assignments to improve their financial situation are retirees, schoolchildren, mothers on maternity leave and people who have a lot of free time at their main job (if imperceptibly, then they can be combined).

    Where to find a job:

    • ProfitCentr


      A project with 11 years of experience and 2,000,000+ participants, which complicates the development of the referral network, but simplifies the search for orders, because the number of advertising customers within the site is quite large. The total amount of payments during its existence is 83 million rubles. Reviews – 95% positive and 4% neutral;

    • Vktarget


      The service is focused on the younger generation, because 90% of tasks are directly linked to social networks VK, Instagram, YouTube, and so on. The affiliate program offers 15% of the earnings of partner executors, and withdrawals are available both to e-wallets and to a mobile number. The official Android application will help to simplify the interaction with the site;

    • Wmmail


      Bux with a rich history and payouts of $ 7 million. The main specialization is sales letters, and the auxiliary is surfing and assignments. The referral program consists of 5 levels – 10% / 5% / 2% / 1% / 1% as the partner s level decreases. Credits to the account in the LC occur in cents, in fact, as well as the settlement with the contractor from the side of the service.

    I combine 3-5 resources at the same time, a person can expect to earn 200-300 rubles per day, and when using an affiliate program – up to 1000 rubles. The beauty of the second method is the passivity of income – a person counts profits, and others do the work for him. The problem lies in the difficulties of attracting active performers to seasoned projects, because activists have long had their own personal account within the top 10/20 services for making money on clicks from the network.

    Option number 3. Earnings in photography


    Simplicity★★★ (3.0 out of 5.0)Overall attractiveness
    Profitability★★★★ (4.0 out of 5.0)
    Convenience★★★★ (4.0 out of 5.0)

    At a time when every third person has a smartphone with a high-quality camera, part-time work is more relevant than ever. Due to the circumstances in 2020, photographers will not roam much, but this is a chance to switch from urbanism to landscapes and natural attractions. The latter, by the way, are in demand on the market more than pictures from the paparazzi. Photo stock will become a place of earning money on remote. The table below will tell you about the pros / cons of such services.

    Advantages of photo stocksdisadvantages
    Access to the international sales market.High quality requirements for uploaded photos. For 50% of candidates, you will have to go through moderation several times, and this is an extra 1-2 months.
    One picture can actually be sold an unlimited number of times + the service encourages authors to improve themselves.Images in high quality + having commercial value, that is, interesting for buyers, are subject to download.
    The possibility of forming a residual income.For the sake of organizing a permanent income, you will have to strain a lot.
    Independence from local market conditions. If Russia is overwhelmed by the crisis, it will hardly be reflected on sales from photo stocks + income in foreign currency.Earnings at the beginning of the journey will be almost imperceptible, and you will have to come to terms with this.
    The photo stock is engaged in advertising. The author, on the other hand, can go headlong into creativity.30% + stock photo stocks have a requirement for knowledge of a foreign language.

    There is no universal approach to organizing work through photo stocks. A person will need perseverance + ingenuity, and income gaps should be perceived not as failures, but as temporary troubles.

    Step-by-step photo studio business plan

    Where should a beginner contact – TOP photo stocks:

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