15 reasons to use Instagram for business

Instagram has a huge audience that can be turned into your customers. In the article, we will figure out which business can be effectively promoted through Instagram, and which tools to use.

Today, Instagram is not only a full-fledged trading platform, but also a lot of opportunities for business development. Every self-respecting company has been using Instagram for a long time to increase their sales. Everything from clothing to makeup and more is sold on this very simple platform.

Here both a creative person and a serious entrepreneur will find their audience. The popularity of this site is growing every day, which makes it more and more attractive for promoting its business.

Russia ranks fifth in terms of the number of Instagram users – 40 million are registered. The main category of Instagram users are people aged 18-30. As a rule, these are active representatives of their generation who prefer online shopping.

An Instagram account can become an independent store. Here you can solve all the main business tasks: advertise your product, publish engaging content, communicate with customers.

Which business should go to Instagram

Not every business needs to go to Instagram. Not every product is suitable for successful promotion on this site.

Instagram is a social network for visuals. Aesthetics, product attractiveness and emotional component are important here. Therefore, selling plumbing or building materials through Instagram is hardly worth it.

Have you decided to create an account for your business? First of all, analyze if your target audience is on Instagram. Are 18-35 year olds getting into your target market? Or maybe they don t, but they affect your audience?

Companies should also assess their ability to use the platform effectively. Brands based on visual and beauty have a clear advantage: fashion, beauty industry, clothing, decor items, handmade goods, cafes and restaurants, etc. If your business belongs to one of these categories, then you can safely start maintaining an account on Instagram.

Well, if you work in another area – do not rush to discount Instagram. Perhaps the solution does not lie on the surface, but a working scheme exists. And with the right approach, you can adapt Instagram to your business.

Why does business need Instagram?

Firstly, statistics indicate the effective use of Instagram for business:

  • The engagement rate for a business account is 4%. For comparison, in social networks it is about 0.1%;

  • 62% of users subscribe to brand accounts on Instagram;

  • 70% of users share information about brands found on Instagram in their accounts;

  • So far, only 36% of marketers use Instagram to promote a product or service. And mastering Instagram is a chance to get ahead of the competition.

Secondly, Instagram is a universal business assistant that helps to solve many problems. Which ones?

1. Increase brand awareness

Instagram helps to increase your product s awareness and improve your company s reputation. Awareness is influenced by the number of followers in your account, as well as the frequency of mentions of your brand on Instagram through @ and through hashtags.

2. Declare yourself as an expert

Maintaining your account allows you to reveal your expertise in the field in which you work. Deliver useful information about a product or service to your audience, answer questions, consult, show the production process, demonstrate your experience. Making you an expert increases brand credibility.

3. Collect data

Thanks to the tools for interacting with the audience on Instagram, you can collect useful information. Draw conclusions about your work, find out the opinion of consumers about your product and their preferences. Statistics on Instagram allows you to analyze your audience – this information will be useful for generating offers and advertising. In addition, on Instagram, you can collect information about competitors.

4. Drive traffic to your site and your other pages

You can collect an audience in your account and, through external links, direct traffic to your website, blog and accounts in other social networks.

5. Increase the level of sales

With the help of Instagram, you can communicate your USP, inform about promotions and discounts, acquaint the audience with a new assortment and talk about the benefits of your products. To do this, the social network offers different formats: beautiful photos showing the product in all its glory, eye-catching videos and engaging texts. All this together works to “warm up” the audience and increase sales.

Instagram helps to generate calls, requests and orders. This is perhaps the most tempting opportunity that the social network offers to businesses. But it is necessary to use it correctly. Still, Instagram remains, first of all, a platform for communication, not for sales. So conversions here can have a delayed effect.

Remember that Instagram is primarily a social network built for communication, not sales.

6. Engage your audience

Instagram allows businesses to constantly work with their customers. After all, working with a database is much cheaper than attracting new potential customers.

This interaction brings the brand and consumer closer together. It is convenient to launch sales funnels on Instagram. A funnel is the journey a customer goes from meeting you to selling. Impulsive first-touch purchases are still common, but more often the consumer needs time to make a decision. And engaging the audience through Instagram just allows you to accompany the client on the way to the purchase.

7. Show in real time

“Instagram” provides an opportunity to conduct live broadcasts. This can come in handy for educational projects, travel agents and many other companies who are willing to take a client behind the scenes of a business. Live broadcasts can be used to hold draws, communicate with the audience, answering questions or giving free consultations.

8. Establish connections with partners

The essence of social networks is the search for new acquaintances and communication. A business can search on Instagram not only for potential customers, but also for partners and like-minded people. You can expand your network of contacts, offer cooperation with another brand or blogger.

9. Attract new users

Create all the conditions so that the user can easily find your account on Instagram: use thematic hashtags, geolocation tags, specify keywords in the profile name by which customers can search for you. You can read more recommendations for a business account in this article.

10. Show the brand by face

Instagram allows you to make your connections with customers more personal. An impersonal brand is not credible. But the association of business with specific people increases consumer loyalty. Therefore, fill the feed with events of everyday work, introduce you to employees, get closer – and clients will be drawn to you.

11. Stay in trend

Instagram allows you to quickly share information. For example, use a news feed, react to what s happening in your industry and in the life of society Publish content for a specific holiday or high-profile event that affects your audience. Use trends for promotions, contests, sales. If you follow trends, you can attract new customers, maintain the interest of an existing audience, and show your active position in business and life.

12. Boost SEO

Social networks are the most powerful traffic aggregator in search. Instagram accounts appear on the first pages of search engines. Yandex often displays pictures from Instagram, thereby significantly increasing the on-air viewing area.

13. Launch word of mouth

For any business, word of mouth is a powerful promotion tool. Of course, if the feedback from people is positive.

To be talked about, and even good, you need to create a reason. It can be useful, creative, or entertaining content to be shared; a flash mob, a review contest, a raffle of your product for a repost, etc. There are many options. And they all work great if you find the right approach for your target audience.

14. Advertise your products

Instagram offers different promotion tools. In addition to word of mouth, it can be targeting, collaborations, native and direct advertising with influencers. You can read about the nuances of business promotion on Instagram here.

15. Manage your reputation

We have already mentioned how important customer trust is to a business. The social network allows you to win over potential buyers, you just need to build a competent positioning strategy.

There are a lot of factors that form this very trust, for example: brand personality, expertise, demonstration of the work process, live communication, broadcast of brand philosophy, company image, social proof, etc.

All this adds up to a business reputation – a resource that allows you not only to stimulate sales, but even to raise prices for your products. Customers are willing to pay more if they trust the brand.

This is why a business should go to Instagram.


Instagram helps to develop a business and provides it with a huge number of tools for this. The main thing is to find the right application for them and adapt them to your topic. There is no one-size-fits-all formula – every business requires an individual approach, even when it comes to social media. So don t be afraid to try and experiment. Then you will definitely find your own formula for success.

Instagram for business. Popular questions.

? How can businesses use Instagram tools?

One of the most effective tools for engaging your audience is storytelling. Their advantage is display priority. That is, when entering an account, the user first of all notices the pinned stories and only then proceeds to the posts. The same applies to the news feed. The stories tab is higher than the main feed. Many users only view Stories. This is why you should definitely use this content format.

How can businesses apply stories in their work?

  • collect additional audience reach. More than 70% of users follow Stories. And if you have not communicated with the person in the main feed, then the story gives you a second chance;

  • everyone loves TV shows. And an Instagram story for business is a series about your brand. You can create content that users will watch with interest. For example, you can talk about the stages of creating a new product, show the process of work, or introduce the audience to employees;

  • it is easier to stimulate audience activity through stories, which increases reach. For a Russian-speaking audience, like and write a comment is a whole event. It is much easier for them to press a button in the questionnaire;

  • by the way, about the polls! This tool allows you to get an opinion on a product or service from your audience. The collected data helps to form a content plan and adjust your work;

  • You can place various calls to action in a story: to go to the site (and attach a link), to subscribe, to send a message to direct, etc.

? What marketing materials should a business use on Instagram?

As tools that stimulate sales, it is recommended to use:

  • high-quality photos of goods. Photos, where a person is present and his interaction with the product is shown well;

  • useful material with a link to the product;

  • selling story;

  • product overview;

  • a video on how your product works;

  • holiday goods;

  • profitable promotions, discounts;

  • targeted advertising;

  • social proof, which includes: customer reviews, product creation process, success story, photos of employees / office / stores.

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