14 Tik Tok challenges for your inspiration

In order for the content to be remembered, it must be experienced. Simple passive consumption tires and quickly bores the user. Interactive and challenges are in fashion. Let s talk about the latter in more detail.

What is a challenge?

From English this term (challenge) is translated as “challenge”, “difficult task”. In social networks, the format originated long before the appearance of Tik Tok and even five years ago already had an incredible viral effect.

The essence of the challenge is simple. The author (any user or brand) comes up with a problem. It s great if the actions can be repeated at home without special props. This will expand your coverage.

He videotapes the task, comes up with a hashtag, and challenges his followers. They repeat the action, publish videos with a hashtag and pass the baton on. If the idea is really worthwhile, the challenge can conquer the whole world.

You have been familiar with this phenomenon for a long time. Remember how people from different countries poured buckets of ice water over themselves, knocked off bottle caps, or disguised themselves as characters in masterpieces of painting.

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How do challenges help you get promoted? A brand can launch its own challenges, thereby engaging a new audience. Or participate in popular movements to gain attention.

Why are Tik Tok Challenges needed?

The main difference between Tik Tok and other platforms is its focus exclusively on video. This content format is perfect for challenges, which is why they are so popular on social media.

For users, participation in interesting campaigns solves the problem of filling the account with interesting content. They do not need to come up with a script themselves, it is already ready and popular. It remains only to remove your answer, put the necessary hashtags and wait for the growth of coverage. After all, watching such videos is addictive – you want to see more and more options. As a result, a new audience comes to the page, and if the content is to their liking, they subscribe.

For brands, launching challenges offers the same results as expensive reach ads. They increase awareness, build loyalty and create a positive image. Companies also collect tons of user generated content that can then be used to fill accounts or other marketing activities.

For example, Colgate invited users to put a smile on their mom s face on Mother s Day. As a result, the #MakeMomSmile challenge scored over 2.6 billion views.


## MakeMomSmile turn the volume up for the grandma part ? ## gotthisforyou ## familytime ## mothersdaygift ## justus ## okstate ## coolgrandma ## giveahug ## babypics

♬ Children Folk Acoustic – BDKSonic

As you can see, the challenge is one big plus for both the average user and the business.

How to start a challenge in Tik Tok?

Just like on Instagram, on TikTok, hashtags help you find and promote content. In this application, full-fledged communities of interest are built around hashtags. For example, #KeepingActive is followed by all sports fans.

Hashtags are an essential part of any challenge. It is they who provide the format with virality and recognition. But let s start in order.

So, to create a Tik Tok challenge:

  • Create an original challenge that will pique users curiosity and differ from similar content. Make sure that your actions can be repeated by most of the audience of the social network.
  • Create a unique hashtag. It can contain your brand name, but it doesn t have to.
  • Shoot your video and post to your account, don t forget to add a hashtag.
  • Challenge influencers and celebrities to accelerate the spread of the challenge. Guess collaborated with influencers to generate 10.5 million views for 5,550 #InMyDenim videos in just 6 days.
  • Run ads. We talked more about its capabilities here.
  • Analyze results and plan new campaigns.
  • @kuhleeuh

    Had a fun day ## inmydenim ✨?✨ @guess ## style ## OOTD

    ♬ original sound – kuhleeuh

    Tik Tok Challenge Ideas

    As you can see, launching a TikTok challenge is quite simple. All you need is an interesting idea and competent promotion. This article will help you with the first one.

    We have collected ideas for exciting TikTok challenges for you. Use them as an example and get inspired to create a campaign that will blow up the entire social network.

    Album Cover Challenge

    The authors of this challenge asked users to repeat the cover of the album or single, which is closest to them now. A great idea for a platform where music is the second most important piece of content. The organic campaign has attracted over 170 million views.


    Tiktok tried to delete, but I won the appeal ? ## albumcoverchallenge ## husbandwifecomedy ## couplescomedy ## cardib ## money ## respectthedrip ## MMMDrop ## fyp

    ♬ Money – Cardi B

    I draw as much as I can

    The goal of this challenge is to try and replicate the drawing that is being drawn on your back. Such videos are watched to the end, because they want to compare the result.


    Go to @hellorob for his version !!

    ♬ Bring It Around – Sky Summers

    Dj at home

    It s great if the challenge matches the mood of the users and takes into account the situation in the world. Now, when many are forced to spend time at home and maintain a social distance, this is especially true.

    A great example of this approach is the #DJAtHome challenge, which has attracted over 1.6 billion views. Its authors propose to try on the role of a quarantined DJ and entertain the neighbors.


    We get clean before we get dirty at this rave ## fyp ## stayhomestaystrong ## keepingbusy ## rave ## quarantine

    ♬ Glad You Came – The Wanted

    Museum night

    During a pandemic, all events are transferred to the online format. The Museum Night project was no exception. The culturno account invited users to visit museums without leaving their homes. And not ordinary, but copyright. The Challenge was backed by celebrities with a wide reach of 14 million views.

    @ katkova.art

    Thank you for coming to my ## home museum ? ## tiktokart ## art ## lettering ## lettering ## drawing ## drawing

    ♬ Symphony No. 6: Allegro ma non troppo – Pyotr Il iych Tchaikovsky

    Wipe challenge

    Wipe down the mirror and see how things have changed. A simple idea that is rapidly spreading across the social network. The video was watched by over 71 million users.


    I wish getting ready was this easy ?? @iamlaurencompton ## wipe ## fyp ## foryou ## foryoupage ## wipechallenge

    ♬ Wipe It Down – BMW KENNY

    Days of the week

    As I said earlier, music is very important in Tik Tok. You can build challenges based on popular tracks. For example, in this campaign, users were asked to change their outfits when listing the days of the week in the lyrics. The result is a dynamic overview of the wardrobe.



    ♬ Dripeesha Todrick Hall – kristarobertso

    Level Up

    Challenges don t always go as planned. For example, in a campaign under the hashtag #LevelUp, users first moved to the song of the same name. But later, pet owners came up with their own version of the challenge.

    Try to offer the participants the freedom to interpret the assignment. Perhaps the hive mind will come up with a brilliant idea.


    ど ち ら が 勝 つ か な ❓?Which is the winner? ## tikdog ## levelupchallenge ## fyp ## dog ## dogsoftiktok ## foryourpage ## 犬 ## ト イ プ ー ド ル ## チ ワ ワ

    ♬ Level Up – Ciara

    Emote Royale Contest

    Fortnite launched a challenge in which fans of the Emote gaming universe were asked to come up with movements for the future character. An official track was launched to help. The campaign was a great start for promoting the brand on the platform – the hashtag has been used in posts over 250 million times.


    i can t believe i m saying this but i have my own @Fortnite Emote! ?? you can get one too by entering a dance with ## EmoteRoyalecontest ## EpicPartner

    ♬ original sound – poki

    Pass the brush

    Launch a challenge that will help people with similar interests unite. For example, in this campaign, makeup artists boasted of their skills, while they had to gather a group of like-minded people to create content.


    ## passthebrushchallenge beauty guru edition ? tag your favorite !! ?

    ♬ original sound – jamescharles

    Lid flip

    The Chipotle restaurant chain showed an unusual trick with a dish that many users wanted to repeat.


    ## lidflip

    ♬ original sound – chipotle

    I m Just a Kid

    Old ideas in a new format also work great. As part of this challenge, users recreated their childhood photos. As a result, the videos were watched by more than 2.5 billion people.

    @ lance210

    Remaking our baby photos ? @xosabrinanicolexo

    ♬ I m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

    Eyes Lips Face

    Cosmetic brand elf invited Tik Tok users to show their eyes, lips and face to the song of the same name. The most creative participants got the opportunity to win a $ 250 cosmetic set. The campaign garnered 5.3 billion views.


    Did you know Elf stands for eyes lips face?! ? ## eyeslipsface (read bio) @elfcosmetics ## ad

    ♬ Eyes. Lips. Face. (elf) – iLL Wayno & Holla FyeSixWun

    Challenges at TikTok are a great opportunity to express yourself and significantly expand your account coverage. Incorporate them into your strategy and be amazed at the results!

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