10 cool services for business productivity during quarantine

If your business is working with a remote team of employees due to the coronavirus, you and your colleagues need tools to help you get the job done quickly. Consider 10 online services that can help your team become more productive in business and help optimize workload.

10 internet services to improve team productivity during quarantine

Monday – (https://monday.com) is a platform that allows teams to create and track projects and workflows. The interface is dynamic, making it easy to plan, manage and track everything your team is working on. Add employees and colleagues to the team, deadlines, comments, and budget. Monday also creates dashboards so you can get real-time data on everything that happens at startup.

PreviewApp – (https://thepreviewapp.com) preview and upcoming post on Instagram is one of the popular ecommerce platforms. The service is available for mobile and desktop systems, bringing everything together in a convenient application. Edit pictures, find the best hashtags and schedule posts. The app also offers analytics, audience insight, and a better posting schedule to ensure your post and photo organically reaches the most people on Instagram.

dashdash – (https://dashdash.com) if you are working with spreadsheets – this is a good old spreadsheet service. With a simple formula, you can access business data and APIs, find companies and people, inform customers, and even send emails. With all the features and integrations the service allows, any team can get the most out of it.

Slack – (https://slack.com) is one of those tools that makes work boring and even fun. Maybe it s because of the emoji s reaction or how easy it is to add GIFs to a conversation. The most powerful aspect of this tool is how easily it connects colleagues to work as a team. Slack makes file sharing simple and fast, and can be integrated with tools like Asana and Google Calendar. It s a great tool for any team, especially a remote one.

Fiverr – (https://fiverr.com) if you are a freelancer this is what you need. The site allows freelancers to offer their services to international companies. Customize your profile, showcase your professional work, and use up to three different pricing plans. At the same time, the client knows the final price from the very beginning, without changes.

ClickUp – (https://clickup.com) is a project management platform, you should definitely try it, maybe you will like it more than other services from this list. With ClickUp, you can create to-do lists, track tasks and work projects, create and add documents, notes and spreadsheets, and communicate with your teammates. This is a handy tool when you want to bring everything together in one place.

Dasheroo – (https://dasheroo.com) is a collaboration dashboard that simplifies data and makes it easier to understand. This tool is especially for those people who adore beautiful toolbars. Having data is very important for any business, but sometimes there is too much of it and it is often difficult to work with it. With Dasheroo, you can quickly analyze and see how your business is dynamic.

Calendy – (https://calendly.com) is a scheduling service that can be integrated with both main calendar apps and your websites and landing pages. Users and potential customers who visit your site will be able to see your availability in the calendar for a certain period of time and request a call for contact and negotiations.

Jamboard – (https://jamboard.google.com) This tool is a Google service and therefore available to anyone with a Google account. Jambord is a tool for remote teams that need to brainstorm. All information is saved in the cloud and can be shared with other accounts of connected colleagues who can edit the file at the same time. Those who do not have a Google account can use Witeboard, which is also a good alternative.

Franz – (https://meetfranz.com) is an app that keeps all your messaging and email apps in one place. It supports other productivity apps like WhatsApp, Trello, Google Calendar, Toggle and Zendesk, among others.

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