About us

Kirkeby Resources has been leading sales coaching and sales workshop initiatives for organizations across the United States for 15 years. The company’s unique perspective and expertise includes an ability to assess both organizational and individual sales needs prior to recommending a particular course of action.

Sales manager

A unique concept: If you have 1-8 Salespeople, hire a Sales Coach (for a fraction of the cost of a full-time Sales Manager), with a proven program to increase sales substantially!  Salespeople appreciate coaching; they resist being “managed.”

Business ideas

What do your prospects expect to happen during your first meeting with them?  A “sales pitch” about how great your product/service is?  Probably. Why? Because more often than not, that’s what sales people do. What is your intention? To SELL them something?  Hopefully not, but if so, what is their natural reaction?  To resist being SOLD.

Business Ideas


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