ZOOM boom: creative video conferencing backgrounds from brands

In March, the business unexpectedly switched to a remote work format. Video conferences have become an integral part of everyday work – unprecedented traffic for developers hit the services and programs for online communications.

Paid and free, from 2 to 5000 participants at a time, with different functionality and video quality. The rating was headed by Zoom Video Communications, the daily audience of the service exceeded 200 million users. Following Zoom, the rating of popular platforms includes: Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts, TrueConf, MyOwnConference, Mind, GoToMeeting. However, after the story of thousands of zoom video calls leaked, the service s credibility has been eroded.

Nevertheless, Zoom in Russia remains the most popular platform for video conferencing, online meetings and distance learning for schoolchildren. Video calls help coordinate work, avoid feeling socially isolated, and quickly make coordinated decisions. But not everyone is ready to show their houses, apartments and household members to other people, and it was to them that the brands offered to “close” the housing behind a pretty background.

Zoom video conferencing backgrounds from brands

For online meetings, many companies have prepared their own collections of wallpapers, according to the theme of their business. For example, the building paints brand Behr Paint has launched a collection of backgrounds with bright and stylish interiors.

American furniture hypermarket West elm offers light, simple studios with designer furniture as backgrounds, and for those who miss the country life, a selection of backgrounds with fireplaces and cozy backyards is ready.

Sberbank pleases with wallpaper with the hashtag #savingbusiness, the designers of MOTIVE agency & production suggested that connoisseurs of non-standard solutions use a selection of creative backgrounds. For lovers of high-calorie food, the zoom backgrounds of the restaurant guide The Infatuation are suitable.

Backgrounds are good promotions for tourist sites as well. The Las Vegas authorities decided that if you look at Vegas during the entire quarantine, then you will certainly want to visit it. This is how a series of backgrounds with incredible views of this city appeared. The American airline United produced its own backdrops for video calls with the same calculation.

Not only office employees work remotely, but also teachers. Pixar backgrounds based on famous cartoons are perfect for them.

The creators of the Canva service also delight with the choice of backgrounds, using this service it is easy to create your own unique background. So, choose the appropriate images if you plan to leave the interior of your remote office behind the scenes.

But American farmers have surpassed all the creators in the world. For those whose work in the coronavirus has turned into a series of dull videoconferencing, Peace and Peas farmers in North Carolina have offered a new service – for $ 50, 10-minute communication with animals. For example, choose a cute mini-donkey Mambo, Eddie s horse or a motley group of chickens. The idea turned out to be so great that in the States, dozens of farms, wildlife reserves and zoos began to offer virtual communication with animals. For example, HERO (Horse Education and Rescue Organization), a charitable organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of abused horses, also offers virtual interaction with their charges. For many non-profit organizations, this has become one of the ways to earn money to support the wards. Adding a donkey or a goat to the conference is a good tone for supporting farms in times of crisis.

Arm yourself with creative ideas and make your video conferencing unforgettable.

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