What to Sell on Instagram: Top 20 Products for Successful Selling on Instagram

How to start selling on the Instagram social network correctly and succeed in trading? What to sell on Instagram in 2020 – 2021? The main reason for the growth in sales on Instagram is the popularity of the social network itself among the younger generation and women. Every day, new online stores open on the social network, offering subscribers a variety of goods and services. We ve collected 20 popular product categories that sell best on social media.

People go to Instagram to chat, watch news from their favorite bloggers, laugh at funny photos and pictures and buy something at the same time. It s fast, convenient, and reviews of a product or service can be viewed directly in the comments under the post with a description of the product.

How to start selling on Instagram

To open a trade on Instagram, you need to decide on the product, price and audience. First of all, study the target audience (TA) – potential customers who will be interested in this product on Instagram.

The characteristic features of the Instagram audience are:
• striving for lifestyle style;
• passion for fashion trends;
• craving for beauty and aesthetics.

Of all the people on Instagram, each specific product will be of interest to a limited group with its own needs and desires, which is the target audience. Consider the main parameters of the audience – age, gender, region of residence, education, income.

Blogging an online store on Instagram involves not only introducing a product or service, but also attracting new potential buyers, as well as retaining existing subscribers. To expand your audience, you need to publish a variety of blog content – posts with photos and product descriptions should be interspersed with information and entertainment texts, polls, contests, etc.

What to sell on a popular social network

On Instagram, you can sell almost any consumer product and provide different types of services. To make it easier to decide on the choice of a product, you can study the pages of popular stores in the social network with a large number of subscribers. Stores are searched for by hashtag and keywords from the product name.

With the help of third-party services, you can deeply analyze the statistics of attendance of popular online stores on Instagram, find out the number of views, likes, reposts. Sales success largely depends on an active advertising campaign, which can also be carried out on Instagram.

Consider what to sell on Instagram in 2020 – 2021. The following 20 products are popular and will be in demand.

Top 20 products and services to sell on Instagram

1. Health products

A variety of health products – massagers, needle applicators, salt lamps, inhalers, orthopedic products, products for healthy sleep, natural soaps and harmless household products. Recently, the desire for a healthy lifestyle – a healthy lifestyle has become a trend, and products from this area are gaining more and more popularity. This is a decent product to sell on Instagram.

Healthy lifestyle products for sales on Instagram

2. Handmade and craft products

Handcrafted and singular products. It can be jewelry, knitted and fabric toys, decorative pillows, handmade soap, notebooks and postcards, pottery, designer furniture, custom-made clothes, sweet souvenirs. Handmade is at the peak of popularity, as it is an original, unique product of the author s work.

Handmade is a good choice for selling through Instragram

3. Eco goods

Ecological products – organic food and beverages, cosmetics that have not been tested on animals, reusable tableware, products made from natural and recycled materials, biodegradable products.

Conservation of nature and protection of the environment have gained many supporters – and these are not only people who seek to benefit the environment, but also those who simply follow fashion. Environmentally friendly products are more expensive than conventional counterparts, but they will always find their customers.

Ecological goods for trade on Instagram

4. Goods for sports and outdoor activities

Sports products are also trending, as they are used by those who lead a healthy lifestyle or aspire to it. These are sportswear and shoes, exercise equipment and equipment, yoga mats, inflatable trampolines and boats, bicycles and scooters, fitness bracelets and watches, protection against damage and much more.

Goods for sports and outdoor activities for sales on Instagram

5. Info products

Information products are one of the main trends in the Internet in general. Info products sell well on Instagram, but it s important to provide really useful training materials from experts and professionals. These are all kinds of courses, marathons, checklists, tips, master classes that will benefit the buyer in specialized areas.

The trend of online learning continues to gain momentum and covers all new areas – design, writing, launching products and advertising, maintaining social networks, managing your life, etc.

6. Clothes, footwear for different ages

Clothes and footwear are everyday, fashionable, sports, festive, for the office, for home, for themed holidays. Both classics and trendy things are in demand on Instagram. Young people are often interested in creative models with which they could stand out from their friends. The main focus should be on fashionable women s clothing, depending on the season. In general, you need to study what clothes and shoes are currently in fashion, what is in trend and on this assortment to build trade.

Clothes and shoes on Instagram

7. Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories – stylish scarves and neckerchiefs, belts, hats, bags, backpacks and clutches, sunglasses. All these things help to make the image bright and memorable, which attracts fashion-conscious buyers of all ages.

Fashion accessories for trading on Instagram

8. Baby products

Products for children – food, care and hygiene products, ordinary and educational toys, mobiles for cribs, bed linen, strollers and car seats. Mothers want the best for their babies, and with the help of Instagram tools, you can effectively present even the most ordinary thing.

Baby products on Instagram

9. Jewelry, bijouterie

Jewelry is always in fashion, both for men and women. Both massive and miniature products are popular. This group includes earrings, rings, chains, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and piercing jewelry.

Jewelry and bijouterie for sale on Instagram

10. Household goods

Bed linen, decorative pillows, artificial bouquets, dishes, containers for storing food and small items, small household appliances, table lamps, aroma diffusers, air humidifiers.

The list of household goods can be continued for a very long time. People decorate their home for different purposes – to create a stylish image or a cozy nest, because others do it or from their own vision of beauty. With just a few details, it s easy to add flavor to your interior.

Household products

11. Cosmetics and perfumery products

Beauty – decorative and care cosmetics, perfumes, hair styling products, apparatus and tools for manicure and pedicure. According to statistics, two-thirds of women use cosmetics every day, and the most active buyers are girls from 18 to 25 years old, who also make up a significant part of the Instagram audience.

Cosmetics and perfumery for sales on Instagram

12. Stationery, goods for creativity

Creative goods are one of the in-demand goods on the Internet. There are many creative people on Instagram and they need tools to turn their ideas into reality. Since stationery is a very popular product, you need to find some kind of advantage that will distinguish it from analogues – for example, due to its original appearance.

13. Food products

Food is an incredibly broad category in which several subsections can be distinguished: essential groceries, exotic foods, ingredients for healthy nutrition menus and PP foods, diet foods, desserts, etc. A good idea to expand your audience is to publish various recipes, ideas on the use and useful properties of the goods sold.

Food on Instagram

14. Gift sets

Beautifully packaged goods, selected according to a specific characteristic, are an excellent souvenir option for any occasion. It can be sweets, tea and coffee, skin and hair care products, beauty boxes.

15. Goods for the holidays

Festive goods are always relevant, as they can make any even the smallest celebration memorable. These are balloons of various shapes, volumetric letters and numbers, postcards, badges for guests and hosts, bouquets and wreaths, decorative candles and other decorations.

16. Products for animals

This is a variety of products for animals, food, drinkers and bowls for food, toys, houses, beds, scratching posts, care products, collars, bird cages. Stylish and creative things are in special demand, and client photos with examples of the use of real products will increase interest and the number of subscribers.

17. Gadgets and small appliances

Smart gadgets are in constant demand, you just need to take into account new models and novelties. The assortment of gadgets is large, this includes scales, robotic vacuum cleaners, clocks, speakers, lamps and lamps controlled from a smartphone, small household appliances.

Smart gadgets and various household appliances for sale on Instagram

18. Second-hand goods and things

Second-hand goods and things that are sold after serving their first owner. Products can be completely new, but sold because they did not fit or were not useful. The category includes pieces of furniture, clothing and footwear, musical instruments, electronic equipment, etc. Antiques can also be classified as second-hand goods, but antiques are more expensive.

19. Hype goods and services

Goods for which the demand for which increases dramatically in a short time. Here you need to remember that the HYIP also goes away sharply, so such potential trends should be monitored in advance in order to make a stock in time and have time to make a profit while others “swing”. You can track trends using special services – Yandex.Wordstat, Google Trends, etc. An example of a hype product is a spinner in 2017 or a protective mask in 2020.

20. Freelance services

Freelancers are not only programmers and webmasters. This can be the services of designers, marketers, copywriters, lawyers, psychologists, lawyers and representatives of other professions. The advantage of online services is that they can be obtained in a convenient place with the presence of the Internet, regardless of borders and countries of location, that is, an expert and a client can be at any distance. The main nuance here is the ability to interact via the Internet, that is, there is no need for offline contact between the seller and the buyer.

  • It is important to remember that not all products are allowed for sale on Instagram, as well as on the Internet in general. Instagram rules prohibit the sale of firearms, drugs, medicines, live animals, alcohol and tobacco products.

Business is actively moving online and this trend will continue in the coming decades. In addition to online platforms, many offline stores also have their pages in social networks, and Instagram is an excellent platform for business. It is important to correctly approach the choice of a niche, assortment of goods and maintaining a trading platform on the Instagram social network, then success in trade will not be long in coming.

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