“We need a wow commercial!” Where to start and what is the secret of success

“We need a wow commercial!” – this is how each first letter of inquiry to the production agency begins. The objectives of the video, its distribution platform, the main characteristics of the final product and its budget are always different, the requirement for efficiency remains unchanged. It is easy to guess that such a variety of aspects of creation does not allow defining the unshakable qualities of success and the universal formula for an effective video. But let s try to figure out which basic rules will allow you to create fiery (read “quality”) content.

From the filming of the special project “Crashtest”.

“Who are we? Sparta! Command!”

Chicken or egg – which came first? Let s paraphrase: team or idea? Let s be honest: it is unlikely that an amateur will please you with completed ideas worthy of implementation. Therefore, it is always worth starting with the command. Namely, from the creator. We will describe the algorithm for working with it below, but for now we will tell you how to find the “right” person.

Of course, you can set aside a couple of days to dive into the banks of creator copywriters and study their portfolios. But it would be more correct to direct this resource towards finding a good producer (or agency, if you do not want to waste time and nerves and project management). If you decide to shoot a video yourself, find a cool producer.

How? Take advantage of the recruiting sites and take the time to review your portfolio. When choosing a producer, pay attention to the fact that his piggy bank contains works in different business segments (sports, beauty, pharma) and different price segments. Such a track record promises you a person who is not afraid of difficulties in work (and this, in our opinion, is one of the main qualities of a producer). Well, then just trust him – the producer (or agency).

From the filming of the commercial “Three Heroes”, MEIZU.

“I have an idea!”

The idea is not trivial, not boring, unconventional – this is half the success. But do not hope to get it effortlessly, first you will have to write the most detailed brief with introductory information for the creator: marketing and communication goals, a portrait of the target audience (target audience), the main message of the video (yes, one: not five, and not even two!) …

Next, you should ask the creative for 3-5 ideas in the format of concepts. Ideally, the algorithm is as follows: you choose one of them, which will be further processed into a scenario with the solution of all your tasks according to the brief. In reality, however, it also happens that you have to ask to finalize the concepts or completely change the author (just so that you are ready). When working with an agency, the client usually does not even suspect that something was wrong if the negative algorithm described by us is implemented (as you know, a good account manager, like a producer, is not afraid of difficulties – he quickly resolves them).

“Camera, motor!”

At this stage (it is just production in the narrow sense) you should pay maximum attention to the director. Initially, the specialist should be relevant to your tasks: the type of business (the same sports, beauty, pharmaceuticals or your version), the type of video (promo, clip, blogging special project), the complexity of the content (here it is important, first of all, to take into account the experience of working in different types of locations and experience with actors).

The location, actors, props, images of the heroes must be agreed in advance so that unforeseen situations do not arise on the site. If unforeseen situations do arise, they will be solved by your cool producer or his team, depending on the area of ​​responsibility: director, production designer, make-up artist, illuminators, or even an assistant to the site administrator. If, for example, your actor is a very famous person who hates seafood, but someone has a bad reading of the rider, and your catering has provided three serving of dishes exclusively from oysters #haha.

By the way, about the actors. We have long been deeply convinced that the second half of success (the first half is an idea, remember?) Is the charisma of the hero in the shot. If this is an actor / musician / blogger not known throughout the country, then you should pay special attention to casting and not skimp on a game actor. Otherwise, there is a chance to ruin the work of the whole team with an implausible game or a character that already, by outward signs, obviously does not bode well for the perception of your target audience.

From the filming of RIMMEL.

“We will correct at the post” (c)

Before moving on to post-production, make sure that the phrase from the quote above is not heard on set. Correcting some of the shortcomings made on the set may not be feasible within the project budget. Some shortcomings cannot even be corrected by the famous Warner brothers (but this is not certain).

In post-production, planning is important: at the start of the project, make sure that the amount of graphics that you have in mind will be implemented within the time frame that you have. If there is no time, you will have to make do with editing and simple graphics. If you have time and budget, you will have access to compositing, complex 3D graphics and good color grading. Like here:

And do not forget about the sound: the sounds of the action can be written right on the set, the announcer and the characters are better recorded in the studio, and the music must be licensed (and a budget line for this must be determined in advance).

“Stop, filmed!”

Before proceeding with all the previous steps, you need to determine where you want to place the video: creative for TV and YouTube is really different. If you want a wow movie, always keep in mind who should exclaim that “wow!”

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