The plant-based meat business: why is the trend for vegan meat products gaining popularity around the world?

Vegetable meat is a new trend, it is gaining more and more popularity in the world. And where there is a trend, there is business

Do you like cutlets? And those made with pea protein, water and oil? Such “meat” is called absolutely vegan, while the developers assure that the taste and nutritional qualities are no worse.

It s no secret that there are more and more vegetarians in the world. They explain their choice in different ways, but most talk about pity for the killed animals. Many world “stars” have declared themselves vegans, including Hollywood artists Pamela Anderson, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Tobey Maguire and others. And they have a steadily growing army of fans not only in cinema, but also in gastronomy.

Substitutes for natural meat and meat products appeared on the market in 2016. Prior to that, for 7 years, vegetable meat was taken out on farms in American California. Vegetable meat is prepared from protein powder and water.

In special devices, extruders at a high temperature push the entire mixture and the result is a fibrous product that well imitates the texture of meat. And already from it they make minced meat, chops, goulash, sausages, etc.

According to consulting agency Deloitte, $ 12 billion worth of vegetable meat was sold worldwide in 2020.

And this figure should increase in the coming years: in five years to about $ 30 billion!

Startups specializing in such products have appeared and are gaining popularity in the world. Such celebrities as Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio became investors of one of them Beyond Meat.

The Microsoft founder is not the kind of person who would invest in dubious projects. The capitalization of Beyond Meat is now $ 11 billion.

Vegetable burger

In Russia, a quality substitute for real meat from Beyond Meat appeared in 2019 in Perekrestok, Azbuka Vkusa and Lenta. Everything would be fine, but the price shocked many buyers. Burgers cutlets weighing only 227 grams cost 999 rubles, and for a 450-gram package of minced meat they asked for 1499 rubles.

For DiCaprio, the prices may be nothing, but how many Russians are there who are willing to shell out that kind of money for the sake of veganism and saving the unfortunate pigs from imminent death?

But Deloitte argues that there is demand among Russians as well. According to them, 47% of our compatriots from 16 to 40 years old are ready to eat meat on a vegetable basis. That is why vegetable meat has already appeared in about 20 restaurants in Moscow.

The Russian company Greenwise produces fillets, jerkies and strips from wheat and soybeans. The revenue is still small: 20 million rubles for 2020, but still ahead. Other manufacturers have announced the start of work in the same direction.

Holding “Efko” (brand “Sloboda”) decided to invest 100 million rubles in the production of vegetable cutlets for burgers. Rusagro intends to move in a similar vein.

Let s not forget about the braces, mainly about Orthodoxy. Orthodox Christians fast from 178 to 212 days a year – during this time they cannot eat natural meat. And if the church blesses meat from wheat, then the market for this product in our country has excellent prospects.

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