Quarantine time: what marathons and challenges were like during the period of self-isolation

Various marathons and challenges have been popular for over five years. Is this kind of activity still relevant after years?

Everyone knows the current situation in the world – many still have to maintain self-isolation. The pandemic in 2020 is the most unexpected, terrible event, but it was thanks to him that people became one whole, there was a lot of free time, which was always so lacking.

Popular (and not only) bloggers and brands have a chance to attract a new audience and retain the old one. Surely each of you managed to participate in a marathon or at least wanted to take part.

Social media marathons have become very popular and varied, but the general idea is that they all motivate other users to join the sequential execution of any tasks. Such marathons encourage people to actively interact and unite with their followers and friends around the world, despite the quarantine regime.

We (Interium agency) decided to choose the most popular marathons during the period of self-isolation.

Healthy lifestyle marathons

Time at home is ideal to reevaluate your healthy habits. A sugar free month, workouts, daily yoga in the morning – what helped us challenge ourselves every day and keep our body in shape.

#plancaspomado from Maybelline

Maybelline cosmetics brand decided to combine seemingly incompatible things – sports and makeup. The official makeup artist of the brand, Yuri Stolyarov, launched a marathon, the essence of which was to stand in a bar, but at the same time, not to fall on lipsticks displayed in several rows. And those who were able to hold out in the bar for more than 4 minutes, breaking the record of the national makeup artist Maybelline, received a set of Color Sensational lipsticks.

Photo: @maybelline_ru

Photo: @martaelizarova


The Savushkin Product dairy brand has launched the #motivationTEOS marathon. As part of the marathon, invited bloggers-experts talk about good habits and urge them to change their lives for the better.


Screen: @elena_goodfood

Marathon with Girlfriend

The Podruzhka chain of stores launched a week-long sports marathon. Every day in the morning, a trainer was waiting for users, who conducted a training session on the brand s account.

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Screen: @podrygkashop

Creative challenges


Popular brand NYX hosted a creative creative marathon. Every day, a brand representative (makeup artist or Face Awards Russia winner) posted images on IGTV. The first make-up was performed by the leading coach of the Beauty Pro Academy, Julia Gensh. She created the image of the Black Canary on the theme “My inner strength: creating a superhero image.” To participate, you had to repeat the images and publish them in your account with the hashtags #nyxcosmeticsrussia and #CreativeMarathonDay “number of the day”.

C: UsersChupakhinaAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.Wordscreen for st.png

Screen: @nyxcosmetics_russia

At the end of the marathon, the hosts had to choose one winner and present a set of NYX Professional Makeup cosmetics. Also, a special prize was prepared for the one who repeated all the images of the marathon.

The song Bi2 “Depression”, which was released recently, was also supported by Russian singers and musicians. The leaders of the group urge to record short videos of the performance of the song “Depression” and post them in social networks with the hashtag # Let s get out of the house, the musicians promise to post the most interesting videos in their official accounts.


The hashtag of the same name with the name of the song Cream Soda and Bread was introduced by showman Alexander Gudkov. He urged people to observe the regime of self-isolation. It is possible to be at home and exchange emotions with people – you just need to go out onto the balcony, turn on the music and start dancing.

Quarantine bingo

Many brands and user accounts started to create bingo templates that were aimed at distribution among their subscribers.

Photo: https://pin.it/5u2KxcZ

The challenge was to maintain a high level of audience engagement despite the pandemic. Many users, surprisingly, have had a lot of fun doing this task. Even in self-isolation, they can still feel that they belong to a particular group or community.

Until tomorrow

“Until tomorrow” – this is the name of another marathon for the brave. No one knows who will have to post their most shameful photo on Instagram for a whole day, but think about whether to like the post with the hashtag #Until Tomorrow.

TikTok Challenges


Challenge hails from TikTok, which has helped couples get to know each other better. What is the point: couples are asked questions, those, in turn, with closed eyes indicate the one who is doing it in a couple.

Photo: https://images.app.goo.gl/2nuRRaaWXP9BZAFw7

Examples of questions – “Who initiated the first kiss?”, “Who is funny in a pair?”

Challenge with soap or other items

The most famous “ancestor” of the challenge in Russia was Timati, who launched a marathon for the transfer of an antiseptic that was in short supply for the beginning of quarantine. Many stars have taken up the challenge.

Quarantined outfits

It is not known exactly who launched the quarantined outfits, but Russia picked up pretty quickly. For example, Glucose and Ivan Urgant were photographed wearing pillows tied with a belt, reminiscent of mini dresses.

C: UsersChupakhinaAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.Word pillow.png

Photo: https://ont.by/news/urgant-primknul-k-modnomu-fleshmobu-s-podushkami

Next came a whole community of girls who are ready to walk their new evening dress somewhere – it s okay if you dress up even for taking out the trash.

Photo: @noholdenback

#flip the switch challenge

Couples dressing up videos skyrocketed the popularity scale. The desire of the stars to participate in such challenges confirms once again – do not be shy, we are all the same, especially funny.

Photo: @pavelvolyaofficial

Social networks on quarantine days were oversaturated with marathons and challenges. Someone ignored, someone possibly got angry and wrote angry letters to the organizers, and someone thus supported themselves: they ate right, brightened loneliness and got rid of the blues, filled their free time, acquired useful habits. Therefore, no matter how many activities there were during self-isolation, many marathons and challenges were really useful for us. But do not forget about carrying out such activities in “peacetime” as well.

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