Hype on coronavirus on YouTube: business and jokes

The first mention of the virus in Wuhan falls on December 31, 2019.The number of cases increases every day, and there is more and more talk about the virus. The coronavirus has become a fashion trend for Instagram bloggers and a joke for TikTok teens who talk about being diagnosed with the virus.

Social networks are fighting as best they can, removing irrelevant videos of a dubious nature, but the scale of the new Internet virus is already too great.

On Instagram, for example, the hashtag #coronavirus has become popular (the Daily Mail has counted 180,000 posts with it). And according to Yandex.Wordstat, over the past month there were more than 17 million searches using the word “coronavirus”.

The trend has reached YouTube video hosting. Someone on camera
removes his opinion about the situation with the epidemic, someone lays out unusual
recipes for “salvation potions”, and someone puts a hashtag under the video completely different
topics for more coverage. Advanced analytics platform specialists
BloggerBase decided to find all videos mentioning the coronavirus and
analyze the situation on YouTube.

YouTube video about coronavirus: trend overview

According to BloggerBase, 3,203 videos mentioning the word “coronavirus” have been posted on Russian YouTube (as of February 25, 2020). Some bloggers start rumors about the development of a vaccine, others create quests where they play out a story against the backdrop of the coronavirus, create a series of storytelling videos that are interesting to watch.

Separately, we can highlight the topic of “Video games”, where gamers play a game and adapt it to the plot of the coronavirus, using it in the headlines. It turns out pretty funny. For example, such as “The same virus”, “A deadly virus attacked Los Santos. Can we be saved? – GTA 5 ”,“ Coronavirus turns into zombies! All people are infected! Can we be saved? – GTA 5 ”,“ We ​​are flying to China with coronavirus! What is happening there? A terrible secret! – GTA 5 ”.

And the game Plague Inc (where you need to infect everyone with a virus) generally took up self-promotion and named one of the viruses in the game coronavirus. And such videos are gaining more than half a million views, and ratings are skyrocketing.

To raise the ratings in the show “Evening Urgant” many times they talk about the virus, tell the details and news about what is happening.

All kinds of doctors have also become active on YouTube. For example, Dr. Komarovsky talks about the virus from a medical point of view about all its movements, and his videos are gaining colossal views – more than 4 million.Videos about coronavirus are now the most popular on Komarovsky s channel (1.85 million subscribers).

But there are also pseudo-doctors who already talk about treatment with potions and broths, prayers and the like.

There are no ads in these videos (3,174 videos), but there is the word coronavirus in any of its manifestations: in the title, in the description, in the hashtag. Many decided to poke around on this topic, which they are doing pretty well, because from December 31 to February 25, the number of subscribers on these channels increased by an average of 11%.

The largest number of videos belongs to the topic “News and Politics” (over 2000), then “People and Blogs” (176 videos), “Society” (145 videos), Entertainment (52 videos). But in terms of the average number of views in the TOP, the topics are “Society” (more than 900 thousand), then “People and Blogs” (more than 700 thousand), “News and Politics” (60 thousand). At the same time, of the total number of all comments, the percentage of negative comments is 0.3%, and of positive comments – 29%. But if you do not take into account the heading “News and Politics”, there is much more negative – 29%.

Advertising in videos about coronavirus: is it worth it?

On January 29, videos with integrated advertising began to appear, as of February 25, 2020 there are already 29 of them (according to BloggerBase). 31% of advertising integrations are posted on the topics “People and Blogs”, 17% – Gaming, 14% – Entertainment and 14% – “Science and Technology”, the rest – “Sports”, “Education”, “Comedy”, “Animals”, “Hobby and style”. The budget of these advertising integrations amounted to more than 5 million rubles, and the number of subscribers on channels with advertising increased by an average of 4%. Brands decided to invest a lot of money against the backdrop of the coronavirus and increase awareness, but who are these brave souls who risked brand-safety?

The most popular commercial was on the channel The People from Anton Lyadov (1.63 million subscribers). Anton travels all over the world and tells his followers how other people live, and China is no exception. The first advertising integration with the Mango insurance company, the second says that the coronavirus disappears from hard surfaces after 6 hours, so you can safely order goods from China, and the LetyShops service will help you return the cashback for orders.

It is important to understand that all these entertaining videos are highly questionable and have no value.

The video was posted on the channel on February 15 and has already gained over 2.5 million views and 12,000 comments. At the same time, during the period of the epidemic, the number of subscribers on Lyadov s channel increased by 15%, which is a record compared to other channels where there were advertising integrations in videos with coronavirus.

In second place is Nikolai Sobolev s news clip (5.16 million subscribers). He has over 2 million views and 7,000 comments. There is a commercial break about the Skillbox online conference, and Sobolev himself criticizes Channel One s ads about the coronavirus.

In third place is a whole advertising video of the online academy “Medina” with more than 700 thousand views on the Alif channel (689 thousand subscribers) about Muslims. In the video, the director of this academy discusses the spread in social networks of the opinion that the massive coronavirus disease in China is the punishment of Allah for the policy of oppression of the Uighurs.

The remaining 26 videos about coronavirus are integrated with various commercials, pauses, etc. For example, the game Raid: Shadow Legends was advertised on the “This is good” channel, the FTC investment company on DaiFive, the UGEARS designer store in “Kik Review”, the Boss sofa on the “Rumor has it” channel, the PrizyvaNet.ru service from kamikadzedead, the service Storytel audiobooks at Ilya Varlamov s, IndexBar show at Rodion s.

Interesting integration of sports media in a video about a joke of former football player Tarasov; See also online gaming news that Tesla has informed owners in China about receiving free charging for their cars at the station due to the coronavirus.

“It is not known what will happen next, but if the interest in the coronavirus
will grow, and the news about the epidemic will not subside, then more brands will
integrate into videos about coronavirus. Most likely colossal views
is unlikely to be achieved because users are already oversaturated with this
information, but a creative approach to advertising integrations, product adaptation
under the main agenda and the loyalty of bloggers subscribers will bring results from
influencer marketing ”, – comments Anastasia Vishnyakova, marketer
influencer marketing agencies Woombat.

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