How to prepare the VK community for promotion: from cover design to drawing up a content plan

In this article, we will share tips on how to beautifully package the VKontakte community and prepare it for advertising.

Why is this needed?

Let s say your community is a city coffee shop. Before you open it, you made repairs, purchased equipment, decorated a showcase, developed a menu, hired employees, and adjusted the supply of ingredients. Until this work is done, there is no point in opening a coffee shop. A client can come in once, be disappointed in the interior and quality of service, and never come again.

Also with your community on VKontakte. Audit the community against our checklist before running your ad. And if necessary, put it in order. Otherwise, you will drain the advertising budget down the drain – the user will click on your ad, but will not remain in the group.

Why the community is the right time to engage in a pandemic:

  • Online orders. If it is possible to take orders online, work on delivery, the community can become the most important channel of communication with customers.
  • Reputation. While there is no opportunity to work on a product or service, you can deal with the company s reputation, create a news background. After the end of quarantine, you will receive a warmed-up audience.
  • People s attention. The reach of publications will increase, because now the attention of most people is riveted to social networks. If, of course, the posts are of high quality.
  • Market, demand and consumer analysis. Now is the best time to learn something new about your customers and your product. After the quarantine is lifted, new knowledge can be used to benefit business.

The success of your advertising campaign directly depends on:

  • community settings;
  • appearance;
  • content.

Let s go over these points.

Community setup

It is the accuracy of the choice of functionality that determines how user-friendly your community will be. Press the “Control” button on the right and let s go.

Item “settings”

  • Community name. It should reflect the essence of your business and match your search query. If you are installing windows, you do not need to call the group by the name of the company: Olympus. Vologda. It should be called: Installation of windows in Vologda | Olympus. This is exactly how they search for this service.

  • Description of the community. It should be clear and concise. After reading it, a person should understand what you are doing. No need to write a price list here. Just who you are, what you do and what is your advantage. Here will help the blog of the creator of the service “Glavred” Maxim Ilyakhov. Read him how to write about a company.

Here s an example of a good company text:

  • Group type… We choose “open”. In a closed one, everything will be hidden, and you can join it only with the consent of the administrator, and advertising will also be inaccessible to such a group. You cannot join a private group in any way, except for an administrator invitation. Comments are not available in the restricted group.
  • Short address to your group… Replace the automatic numbers that VKontakte assigns when creating a group with the group name in Latin. The address should be easy to remember.
  • Action button. You need to configure it. You can choose to call or open. We indicate the phone number or a link to the site.

  • Additional Information… We fill in all the contact details of the company, indicate a link to the site and include a map so that you can be easily found.

Item “Sections”

This is where you customize. For example, in the event space, you can include events. If you publish a lot of articles, include articles.

Recommendation: keep the blocks as limited as possible so that no one spam on the community wall or create new albums. Like this:

Item “Comments”

Here you can set up moderation, enable the filter of obscene words, set up manual filtering for certain words and see what comments are already in the community. You can also prohibit comments from other communities here.

Item “Links”

Here it is important to provide links to all social networks where there is a company page, as well as to the company s website and partner projects. Important: write the name of the links, for example, “we are on Instagram” so that the person understands where it will lead him.

Item “Addresses”

We indicate the address of the office, turn on the button “show the map”. It will be displayed on the community home page under the group description. If you have several offices, you can add more addresses. We also recommend writing the opening hours. They will also be visible to users on the main page.

Menu item”

This is one of the most difficult points. Here you can create sections “reviews”, “products”, “photos” and much more. Insert the link and write the title. The difficulty lies in the fact that you need to design the menu in the same style. You can do without Photoshop, the free service Canva will help.

Item “Participants”

Here editors, administrators and moderators of the community are appointed, you can see the list of group members, the list of invited people. Users can be blacklisted if needed. You can also hide community members from the page. This is to prevent competitors from advertising to your audience. One caveat: you will not appear in the list of groups of your subscribers.

Item “Messages”

You can include messages. This is convenient when you have several admins in your group. They will be able to reply to users on behalf of the community. You can also connect a mailing list to this tool and inform your subscribers about something important.

You can set up a personal greeting in messages for everyone who wrote.

Item “Conversations”

It is possible to create a conversation of interest for subscribers in your community. Conversations are not for everyone. First, you must have a moderator who would monitor all messages and control the situation. Secondly, your subscribers can be lured away by competitors by entering into a dialogue with them. Weigh the pros and cons of whether you need to use this tool.

Item “Applications”

We connect and configure. With the help of them, you can put reviews on the home page, make a personal greeting, set up a mailing list, and much more. Nuance: the community can connect no more than 5 applications and display only 1 widget on the main page. A widget is just a block of data from the application that is displayed on the community home page, for example, reviews.


Items with customization of widgets should be visible only to administrators, and the widget itself should be available to all users. After installation, be sure to ask your friends who are not community admins to check the visibility.

Item “Money transfers”

In this section, you can set up VKPAY and receive payments directly in the community. To do this, you just need to enable money transfers and select their recipient.

Item “Action log”

At this point, you can see who worked with the content, what was changed: for example, who deleted which record. This also includes strikes – complaints about unoriginal content published in your group. The originality of the content is monitored by a special Nemesis algorithm, he is looking for non-unique materials. You can appeal the strike within 48 hours. If you have more than 5 strikes, your posts are removed from the recommendations. Because of this, their visibility is reduced. Read more about strikes and Nemesis in the article.

Community decoration

So, we have set up the community. Now you need to put it in order visually.


The cover is your community business card, as is the description. She sets the tone for communication and significantly affects whether a person stays with you or not.

  • Image size is required 1590×400. If you do not plan to make a separate cover for the phone, then all important elements and pictures should be approximately in the center. The photo below shows the area where all the most important elements need to be placed.

  • All elements and pictures used must be of high quality.
  • Follow the three-color rule.


Choose simple images that look good in miniature. Ideally, this should be your logo. The picture should be bright and noticeable. Don t try to cram an ad into your avatar, no one will read the words.


Don t forget to create discussions: be sure to make feedback and questions from subscribers. Work with them. It is these two points that inspire confidence among users.

Photo albums

Add photos constantly: let it be a photo of the office, workflow, your product, certificates and letters of thanks. Some people are visuals, for them the picture is very important. Take quality photos and upload them immediately. Do not delay so that they do not lose their relevance.

Video album

If possible, shoot a video. Show your product, work process, employees. Build trust in the company.


If you have a commercial group, then you can connect this section.

Decorate the goods in the same style, indicate the real price, describe in detail each product in a language that is understandable for ordinary users, select a high-quality image.


This is the most important part. It depends on the content whether the user stays with you or not. For high-quality content, you will be forgiven for most of the mistakes in group setting, design and inaccurate descriptions.


  • Remember that the wall should be limited, only you can publish content.
  • Post regularly. Determine for yourself their number per week and stick to this figure.
  • Don t advertise head-on, create useful content.


  • The text should be simple and understandable for users. Before writing, ask yourself: how will it benefit your reader? Here again Ilyakhov s blog and his service “Glavred” will help.
  • The text must be free of spelling errors. If you have problems with this, check with special services.
  • The text must be unique. This is how the smart feed will show it to more users. Again, check with special services.
  • Avoid a lot of emoticons in the text, so that the post does not look like a Christmas tree. If you suddenly decide to advertise a post with more than 6 smilies in the text, it will not pass VKontakte moderation.
  • Links and hashtags in posts reduce reach. There will be fewer views. So, if possible, discard them. If you still need to provide a link, include it in the source.
  • Do not use stop words in the text: buy, write, call, leave a comment, like and any other calls to action. They also reduce reach. The same goes for reposts. You shouldn t make them to your community. If you still want to publish information, copy the text and indicate the source.

Content plan

Ideally, you should have it. It will make it much easier to create quality content. Publications should be varied and serve different purposes. Try to create a content plan by defining the goals of the publication and choosing topics for them. Distribute by day and control their output.

You can make a content plan by headings:

  • Interesting Facts
  • humor and entertainment
  • articles reviews
  • life hacks on your topic
  • polls
  • questions
  • cases
  • educational articles
  • publications in the “About Us” format
  • product videos
  • product manuals
  • world News
  • company s news
  • contests
  • reviews
  • professional articles on the topic of business
  • provocative articles
  • events, holidays, important dates


Before running ads, go over these points and get your community in order. Until this work is done, your ad budgets are likely to be wasted and you won t get the results you want. The community, like the website, is the face of your company. Remember this.

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