How to create engaging carousels on Instagram. Infographics

Instagram carousels are useful and convenient format. On the one hand, it is more effective than ordinary photos: it awakens curiosity, motivates to action and is re-shown in the feed. On the other hand, making a carousel is easier than filming and editing a video or hosting a live broadcast. As a result, you get interesting and engaging content with less effort.

However, to see the results, it is not enough to upload 10 similar images and come up with a caption for them. Carousels can do more – they are a complete storytelling tool. Make the most of it by following the guidelines in this infographic.

Its creators analyzed 22 million Instagram posts and identified the main characteristics of effective carousels.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Instagram Carousels

Why Instagram carousels are important

According to a recent study by Socialinsider:

  • Carousels – the format of posts on Instagram with the highest engagement
  • Carousels with 8 or more slides show better results. Average engagement is above 2%.
  • Video and photo carousels have the highest engagement per post
  • On average, carousels get 7.99 comments

How to create carousels that users will love

1. Use the principles of AIDA

  • ATTENTION. Title – Slide # 1. Introduction – Slide number 2
  • INTEREST. Solution to the problem – Slides number 3-7
  • A WISH. Show Results – Slides # 8-9
  • ACT. Ask a question – Slide number 10
  • 2. Develop a unique style

  • Choose a color palette
  • Decide on fonts
  • Label visual elements
  • Pick up the shapes
  • 3. Write the text

  • List ideas
  • Write your text. Then turn your attention to design.
  • Have someone read your text
  • 4. Design Tips

  • Select size: 1920 x 1920 or 1080 x 1350
  • Decide on the font size: title 80pt +, text 30pt +
  • Make sure: your content is readable, you use indentation, the heading is no more than 10 words, the fragments add up to a coherent whole
  • The best tools for creating Instagram carousels

    • Bannersnack
    • Keynote
    • Adobe illustrator

    Then it s up to you: experiment and monitor the reaction of subscribers. Let them remember your carousels for a long time. I have collected ideas for creative carousels in this article.

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