How does a brand conquer Tiktok and attract 53 thousand subscribers in 3 months. Case

At the moment, we can see how Tiktok is gradually turning from a despised social network “for children” into an influential reach machine. If earlier it was thought that Tiktok is purely entertainment for schoolchildren, and indeed, a scary and dark place, now you can observe how bloggers, stars, and brands are desperately trying to get #wreck. To do this, they make friends with TikTokers, come to TikTokers houses and desperately try to find their “place in the sun.”

Buzova and Klava Koka, filming with young Tiktok stars. Also, not so long ago, Bilan, Malakhov and many others starred with the same stars.

Everyone who closely monitors the content dynamics of social networks has long noticed that content from Tiktok has leaked to other social networks (Instagram, VK, Twitter), trends from there are repeated by millionaires, and downloads have long exceeded 2 billion. It follows from this that now the question of whether a brand / person needs Tiktok is somewhat similar to the question a couple of years ago about whether an Instagram is needed. And the answer is: most likely yes.

The stereotype that the main and only audience of Tiktok is children may seem repulsive, but this paradigm has already begun to change. Now Tiktok is actively used by a more solvent audience layer – people for 20 years. They already got tired of native Instagram ads and downloaded an ad block to protect themselves from YouTube ads. But their weak point is Tiktok, where ads and brands have not yet become boring.

Therefore, we present you with a small guide from the Bloomy team for beginners and not only on how to enter and start making content on Tiktok. We, the Bloom team, have been studying this social network by our own example for several months now and can share certain observations and cases.

As you can see, it s not just the dark theme that has changed.

1. How recommendations work and how to collect large views


The most attractive thing for us (and for any other person who downloads Tiktok) is how the recommendation feed is built on this social network. Tiktok is designed in such a way that its users do not particularly watch the feed of “subscriptions”, but immerse themselves in the world of strangers and their videos – in “recommendations”.

Often people are subscribed to their favorite blogger, but at the same time look at complete strangers in the “Recommended”

Literally any video can be included in the recommendation, from any user of the site, no matter how many subscribers he has. This is a very nice Tiktok option not only for users (who receive essentially diverse content), but also for brands that have the opportunity to be seen by both their subscribers and potential buyers.

How, then, are recommendations made?

Videos recommended specifically for the user are formed according to certain criteria:

  • geolocation (because of this it becomes very difficult to work with a reference point to another country),
  • user experience with video (what a user likes, comments, repost and watches to the end will make up 90% of his recommendations),
  • popular videos (millionaire videos that end up in recommendations for almost all Tiktok users) /

Easily found examples. Most of these videos either have no text at all, or the text doesn t matter to the video. When a video has more than a million views, it is obvious that a large percentage of users saw it, regardless of geolocation / user experience, etc.

What does the video path to recommendation look like?

Tiktok doesn t really like to divulge the work of its own algorithms. Therefore, there are quite a few theories around algorithms. Here is one of them, which seems to us the most reliable:

Initially, when you shot and uploaded a video, Tiktok recommends it to a small number of people (in the range of somewhere from 50 to 100) and, depending on the reaction of people (basically, inspections are considered the most important metric), it offers a larger number (from 5k to 10k ). Gradually, the video becomes viral, showing more and more numbers, and as soon as people stop responding to it, then the views stop dripping. The video can go viral both on the first day and after a week (which adds a touch of mystery to the algorithms), so don t be surprised.

Views continue to be gained through this system. Until at some point the video ceases to be interesting and views remain only from subscribers.


If, in your desire to get Tiktok for yourself or your brand, you answered a clear “yes”? Here is a specific list of recommendations for what to do:

  • The logic works with Tiktok that it is difficult to be a creator on a site where you are not a user. Therefore, take 1-2 days to review the content and adapt to the interests of the user.
  • After that you should shoot about 15-20 videos “on the table” in advance. These should not be long, intricate videos, they can be short, but they should be, so to speak, “with a margin.”
  • Before uploading a video, we advise you to switch to a PRO account. This procedure is necessary in order to have video statistics in the future (such as: the number of times your video was watched on average, traffic sources, countries from which you watched your video)
  • Upload videos in the first couple of days at intervals of 1-3 hours. So you will constantly flicker in the recommendations of users and immediately be able to gain an audience.
  • For the first couple of days, share or announce your account on other social networks.

Large views

Ok Google. So how do you get those incredibly high views on a seemingly small profile? (most likely you ask)

We ve put together a short list of everything you need for your video.

  • The main thing is intrigue. The user should definitely watch your video to the end. Likes, and comments, too, are not particularly important for your video, the main thing is to be watched to the end.

Both videos from the same account, the only difference is how long it was watched on average.

  • Timing of your video. Most creators on Tiktok recommend shortening videos as much as possible. We have noticed that the optimal video length is anywhere from 9 seconds to 11 seconds.

The difference may be insignificant, but retaining the audience (which is important, judging from the last paragraph) is much more difficult in a video that lasts 15s +

  • The rest is just a husk. Tiktok is not a place where a perfect picture is required (many videos with terrible quality go viral), as well as optional tags (when you open the statistics, you will notice that a maximum of 1% of users come from the tag).

Including there is another way to make your video viral, but we would not recommend using it too often – this is the creation of duets. A duet is an opportunity to shoot a video along with any other Tiktoker. Many users use this function in bad faith, just sitting and “reacting” to someone else s popular video. Usually in such situations, users watch the original, but the views go to the duet who made it.

The guy just made a reaction to a very popular video, in a popular format criticizing the “ideality” of such videos. And got 2M views.

2. How to quickly get a lot of subscribers on Tiktok

So, you have already learned how to shoot, the content is there, it even comes in. But there are still few subscriptions. What to do?


For starters, the easiest way to get Tiktok subscriptions is through content. Add a call for a subscription and your chances of getting a new audience will increase.

Several options for how you can experiment with a call for a subscription)

By the way, if your goal is to get good views and, at the same time, convert them into subscriptions, it is recommended to download 2+ videos per day. This way, your profile will get the desired reach faster.

Comments (1)

Another way to further stimulate the growth of Tiktok subscriptions is by commenting. A very interesting way that brought our team last month around 15k.

Having an interesting avatar (in our case, a recognizable character) and the ability to write funny things? you will be able to attract users to your account.

Trends and Challenges

The last free way we know to promote on Tiktok is to create your own trend or challenge. When you create a trend, people record their videos using the audio track you uploaded. It could be a story, a song, or just a challenge.

Thus, anyone who wants to repeat the trend or just shoot a video with the same content and the same sound will have to face the “original” (with a video where the music was originally used).

Interesting conditions of the drawing

An interesting way was noticed by us with the Sodamakeup brand. They presented the following competition: a person got the opportunity to win a box with soda cosmetics if:

  • filmed a video with makeup;
  • tagged Sodamakeup s profile;
  • put the Sodamakeup tag;
  • received 15k likes (in views, this is approximately equal to 100k views).

At some point in Tiktok, every 2nd video was about trying to get the desired 15k views, about how they managed or failed to do it. A very interesting case, which will probably be repeated more than once in Tiktok cases. In fact, all Russian-speaking Tiktok users knew about soda at some point, and probably even those who were not interested in makeup videos before.

However, if you decide to launch a contest with similar conditions, you should be prepared for the fact that the number of participants can amaze you, and Tiktok is a big village. If you don t keep your promise, then at the very top of your tag you may end up with a revealing video about you.

3. Tiktok pitfalls – what you need to know


You may be banned. It s as simple as that, most likely with a couple of warnings, but they can also be without any shame. In order to get a ban, you don t need to try too hard, you just need to systematically (1-3 times) violate the basic rules of the site (there is nothing new here, but still):

  • demonstrate prohibited actions / substances (weapons (kitchen knives too), alcohol, cigarettes and all kinds of scary things);
  • independently upload music to which you do not have the rights (we are talking about not overlaying Billie Eilish s song inside Tiktok, which is officially uploaded, but uploading your video with a “pirated” audio track. Such a video is deleted for the first time and you receive a warning , and after a couple of these – a ban). In order not to get unpleasant, we advise you either to download the video only with your music and your voice, or not to use the audio track in the video, overlaying music already in Tiktok itself (we have chosen this method);
  • swear in the video (or use mate in text).

With all these things, you may be able to slip through 1-2 times, but as a result, one result awaits you – a ban, and your work will go down the drain.

Shadow ban

There are legends about the shadow bath on the site itself. How users themselves define what a shadow ban is.

Shadow ban is a phenomenon that is marked by the lack of getting into the recommendations, while the users who follow you will continue to see the video. Tiktok users believe it happens when you do the following:

  • delete videos in large quantities. Ever since we learned about the shadow bath, this has become our definite fear. It is really better not to delete the video, no matter how much you want it, it is not known whether there will be a “shadow ban” (if it exists at all) for this, but the video can also become virus after. If you really do not like the result of what you have done, hide the video (that is, make it private);
  • upload too many videos – more than 5-6 per day. This behavior can be assessed by the site as suspicious actions on your part;
  • do not upload videos for more than a week. Also from the section of myths, but there is a theory that if you take long breaks in posting a couple of times, then the videos stop coming to the big view.

How do you know if you are in a shade bath?

If you, like us, are a little tense at the thought of a shadow bath, here s a quick way to check if you are in it.

If your statistics contain “recommendations” in at least the last 20 videos – everything is fine, do not worry, your videos are simply not perfect and until users like them very much, you have something to work on. By the way, video statistics will appear only 24 hours after publication, and sometimes even later.

At the moment, there are 57 thousand people in Bloomi s Tiktok. This is a character without an individual, but a drawn girl, which complicates the conquest of this network (which brands should also take into account), more sharpened for dances or stories.

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