Business Ideas in the COVID-19 Era: Post-Pandemic Hotel and Airport Odor Sensors

The global crisis creates new business ideas, it forces entrepreneurs and the industry to adapt to the difficult situation in the world society. Business magazine B-MAG.RU opens a series of reviews – business ideas in the era of COVID-19… Today we present 2 interesting business ideas – the concept of a post-pandemic hotel and airport odor sensors from Airbus.

British architecture studio The Manser Practice has unveiled the future of the hospitality industry by creating a design concept for a post-pandemic hotel.

According to the architects, they have created a plan for what the hotel business may need in the near future, when the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted and people will start traveling again.

Post-pandemic hotel concept

The arch-studio The Manser Practice suggests that after the pandemic, hotels will have to use contactless access and restrict personal services, such as the help of administrators.

Cleanliness will be a key requirement for guests, with the studio reckoning that clients may even require “one-way walkways, as well as larger rooms with sports equipment.”

Arch-studio from Great Britain has developed the concept of a post-pandemic hotel

In the near future, after the end of the pandemic, hotels should pay particular attention to limiting interaction between staff and guests.

Post-pandemic hotel business idea and concept

The solution to the problem could be the introduction of “contactless check-in with temperature control, as well as the ability to open doors using smartphones.”

Airbus Introduces Odor Sensors to Improve Airport Security

Airbus has commissioned a little-known company, Koniku, to develop an odor detector that can detect potentially hazardous materials. They will be tested later this year in airport security screening tunnels to look for explosive chemicals.

Entrepreneur Agabi, who is one of the founders of Koniku, spoke about odor sensors: “We have developed technology that can detect odors – the device absorbs air and informs what is in it.”

Airbus introduces odor sensors to improve airport security

The company plans to expand the device s capabilities by giving it the ability to detect viruses. users can simply breathe on the device to get information about their health.

The developed odor detection devices offer promising prospects for future technologies in this area.

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