8 creative Instagram carousel templates

While Stories are slowly but surely drawing all the attention to themselves, a small revolution is taking place in the Instagram feed. Users are bored with ordinary photo posts, so carousels are getting more and more engagement.

They have a number of advantages:

  • built-in storytelling;
  • intrigue;
  • more space for expressing thoughts;
  • re-showing in the feed.

The latter feature gives the format an even greater advantage over its competitors. After all, if the user has not looked at all the frames, the post will appear in its SERP over and over again.

In this article, I ve collected examples of carousels for inspiration.

Now I want to share creative templates for carousels on Instagram. They can be easily edited without special programs. Sign up on easil.com (or sign in with an existing account), and then click on the template you like. An intuitive editor will open before you, where you can change the colors and position of elements, add your photos and company logo. Please note that this editor only works on desktops. Then download the PNG file and cut it into frames, for example, here.

The templates collected below are suitable for both bloggers and brand accounts. Choose which style is closer to you. In any case, it will turn out interesting.

1. One photo in the Instagram carousel

The easiest trick is to make a carousel from a horizontal photo. Its left side will appear in the feed and draw attention, users will want to see the whole picture.

Instagram creative carousel templates. Horizontal shot

Instagram creative carousel templates. Horizontal shot 2

Drag your photo onto the template, adjust the filter and select a position.

Once the design is ready, it will need to be downloaded and cut into two frames.

2. Paper carousels for Instagram

Reproduction of the texture of natural materials is a new trend in the design of Instagram (the full list is here). These two designs will help you incorporate them into your presence.

Instagram creative carousel templates. Paper 2

Instagram creative carousel templates. Paper

Both carousels are designed for 3 frames.

3. Polaroid – template for carousel on Instagram

The spirit of retro has been conquering Instagram for several years. If it is close to your theme, try adapting this template for a carousel. It contains several options in different palettes. Before starting editing, leave only one, delete the rest.

Instagram creative carousel templates. Polaroid

Design for three frames.

4. Infographics for Instagram carousel

Great solution for news posts and media accounts. You can change fonts, icons and colors.

Instagram creative carousel templates. Infographics

After downloading, the design will need to be divided into 4 frames.

5. Design for the event – carousel template

All offline events have moved online. Therefore, now there are a lot of them on social networks: live broadcasts, invitations to webinars, stories from experts. The list is endless.

To stand out from the crowd and communicate creatively about your event, use this Instagram carousel template.

Instagram creative carousel templates. Event

Edit any design elements and download the resulting graphics. After that, it will need to be cut into 3 square frames.

6. Recipe for an Instagram carousel

Carousel is great for step-by-step instructions: recipes, DIY, life hacks and other content. You can use this editable template to present your format in its best light.

Drag and drop your photos onto the design, change the text and colors if necessary. That s it, your carousel is ready. You don t even need to divide the image into frames.


Now it s up to you. Use your imagination, choose a template and experiment. Above all, remember to stick to your brand identity so that all of your content looks like a cohesive whole. Creative success!

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