15 Things To Know About Content Marketing In 2020 Infographics

In 2020, content marketing has grown into one of the most popular promotion strategies. At the same time, competition has also intensified. To understand how to develop this direction further, it is important to follow the current trends and statistics. Infographics will help with this.

Content Marketing Data. Infographics

Content budgets, team, goals and metrics:

  • 70% of companies invest in content marketing;
  • 24.26% plan to increase their content budget;
  • top goals for content marketers: 75% lead generation, 71% traffic to the site.

Who prepares the content marketing strategy:

  • 69% of successful b2b content marketers;
  • only one in three b2b content marketers.


  • 78% of companies employ 1 to 3 content marketing specialists;
  • positions: content creators, smm-managers, seo-specialists.

Leading content marketing metrics used by companies:

  • traffic to the site;
  • leads;
  • engagement in social media;
  • sales for roi estimation.

Business Blogs:

  • 31.7 million bloggers will be in the US by 2020;
  • 1 236 words contains the middle article;
  • 3 hours 57 minutes on average is spent on writing;
  • less than 50% of Google searches end up with clicks;
  • 90.63% don t get traffic from Google
  • 1.3% of articles attract 75% of all reposts.

Content promotion:

  • 63.6% of marketers are actively investing in seo to promote content;
  • 94% of companies use social networks for promotion;
  • 65.36% of all traffic from social networks goes to facebook;
  • Longreads with 3000+ words get: 3.5 times more links, 3 times more traffic, 4 times more shares.

Visual and video content marketing

  • Stock photos are the most popular visuals, used by 40% of content marketers;
  • 25% of marketers spend 10-20% of their budget on visual content;
  • 80% of people switch between search and video when making a purchase decision;
  • 62% of marketers want to boost their organic activity on Youtube;
  • 71% plan to use more Youtube videos;
  • on average, users spend 53 minutes participating in webinars.

Now you know which tricks your colleagues and competitors are choosing. A great reason to rethink your strategy and update if necessary.

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